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【Fate/Grand Order】Reason to Keep Moving Forward | Comic Dub

In a clash of ideals between the two masters, Kadoc comes to realize what Ritsuka has been through, what he has learned from it, and how it shaped him as the Master who stood against the Destruction of Humanity.

Translated by: u/Wandering_Rook
Typesetter: u/tantradiana

⭐️ i n f o ⭐️

I was super excited and super nervous to edit this one. Excited because I know both actors will do a marvelous job with their respective performances. Nervous because I’m afraid my edit will not do the artist’s and actors’ performances justice.

ALSO PLEASE WELCOME GALE!!! You may have heard him as an extra in Fire but this marks his debut as a named character, and he did such a lovely job portraying Kadoc so well. He’s gonna be a regular in the channel so this won’t be the last you’ll hear of him 😊

⭐️ s t a f f ⭐️

🌠 Gale – Kadoc

🌠 HaruTsunX – Ritsuka

💖 RedVelvetVA

🎵 Tracks used:
Cosmos in the Lostbelt Title Theme – FGO OST


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  • "People aren't born strong. People grow stronger little by little, encountering difficult situations, learning not to run from them." – Christina Grimmie

    I'm always in awe how people can build into and from the existing Fate lore. Even in a silly gacha game, there are gems of lessons hidden behind memes, salt, and maintenance.

  • Kadoc's va thoo. Soo good

  • Hey, since no one said this, THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING DUB!!

    I really love Kadoc's voice! Very well done! I can hear his anger loud and clear! And Ritsuka's determination is so chef's kiss in his voice. You guys are amazing! Thank you very much!!

  • Oh Kadoc be thankful your facing Guado and not Gakudo

  • NeoNeo

    Author Reply

    Hey, I got a question, what happened to your comic dub of EMIYA vs Artoria lancer? It was one of my favs here.

  • Is this a comic from Cosmos in the Lostbelts? is it spoilers who are just starting Epic of Remnant?

  • The joking reason: Cause I'm not losing to a handsome man like you!

  • FakerFaker

    Author Reply

    Hes just standing there,MENACINGLY!

  • Me: Hmf…. and you lot wonder why I rejected my candidacy to be a member of team-A. That’s what’s wrong with you people and why even if you did survive Lev’s sabotage you would not have have even made it to Solomon’s Temple.

    The only thing people like you ever gave a damn about was the GLORY in saving humanity’s inceration and not much else. Me? I suffered and grit through it all to simply live .
    So ….

    Lancelot (Saber) and St. Martha (Rider) materializes with weapons drawn

    Let’s see how long your precious little ice queen last against a Saint and a Knight of the Round Table. Crypter Kadoc, traiter to proper pan-human history, HAVE AT THEE.

  • Let us not forget Patxi and the role he played in letting Ritsuka stand back up.

  • Simple Kadoc….. I have an All Star Avenger Team (Jalter, Gorgon, Rider of Shinjuku, Edmond and with Mecha Eli-Chan Mk. II as technical support) They are allowed to set loose against your puny forces. The amount of heat and plasma they all release together is more than enough to kill even your precious Anastasia…

  • Why are you so strong???

    I just need to give some mana and let Kinbro do the job.

  • -How are you standing in front of me!?
    -…Because I crawled against a hell (gacha) to be where I am now, when you cried in the very first step and let's faced, you only are here because you accepted a deal with devil (Paid Quartz).

  • Absolute chills

  • I tried to sympathize with Kadoc knowing his background but he's been kinda pathetic during the first Lostbelt, especially at the end. Hopefully the other Crypters will be better than him, except Wodime ofc.. fuck that guy.

  • Wow Fujimaru Ritsuka VS Kadoc Zemlupus! i wish for Anime Version Fujimaru Ritsuka VS Crypters.

  • He just standing there


  • Hit'em with the EX skill level speech

  • Gudas: I didn't pass 7 singularities and beat the shit out of demon god single handedly for nothing you know?
    Kadoc: my servant from lostbelt is stronger than your proper history.
    Me: Oh yeah? Let me test the new Anastasia I just summoned along with 50 quartz. Now then Kaneki wannabe, do you have enough lives to play with me?

  • I must continue this journey to watch all worlds destroyed. As I am just the passing through Master. Remember that!!

  • is it just me or is Ritsuka's dub sounds a bit… british?

  • Ritsuka: unlimited saint squartz works(use all of em for revives)