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【Granblue Fantasy】June 4th Character Rebalance Impressions

My impressions for the upcoming rebalance changes on June 4th
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【Granblue Fantasy】My GBF Handbook Reactions
  • Why, on the Hallessena portion, the entire chat starts going "2 times, not 2 turns"? Just one, two, or even three people saying that would be fine. Doesn't the rest of the chat see the comments and go "oh, someone else already said it. No point in me saying it, then"?

  • Rackam rights!

  • Thank god diantha's buff undispellable now.

    And for god sake just use kengo to replace her ougi.

  • CubiCubi

    Author Reply

    Will you upload your tests and opinion in a video? or only in tier list

  • S. Korwa only gains Fil when she Ougis now, since her Passive 1 which gives one Fil each turn gets reworked into that Idea stuff which boosts party C.A. specs, so to use her Skill 2 you need to Ougi twice first to gain 6 Fils.

  • time to get my dusty useless lvl 100 Hallassena from the inventory

  • Well of course forte rebalance going to be dissapointed, she is not a limited character

  • Damn Zeta and Forte got screwed over in the buffs department from the patch notes. I'm really hoping that the original Zeta and Korwa get a great FLB (hopefully Korwa's VA recorded those lines already because if not I doubt we'll ever get it).

    Overall the buffs were quite good tho

  • so glad I sparked Pholia <3

  • 5* mamaforte ffs

  • While I understand that Soro sometimes gets lost due to tunnel vision into that one specific line, his chat needs to chill and also not overhype stuff. Yukata Sieg has a non-stackable debuff so only 25% not 50%.

  • Changing Alex EMP nodes w/ 1-2 DA or TA nodes would be amazing tbh

    Also Vaseraga, Baal, and Hallesena looks lit

  • Rackam S3 plus sun plus s1

  • Chain kirin and Bonito on turn 1 with pholia to get 2 character buffed from 1st turn

  • 39:00 Casually searching for "Birdman" on the name list.

  • Everyone : Getting rebalance

    Chat noir : am I a joke to you?

  • I could facepalm everytime you are confused when the answer is literally 1 row below lmao

  • I'm hoping Lucio gets something like pholia did.

  • halle's other self is 2 times not 2 turn now, soro gdi.

  • Good to see more vids Sora. Don't forget about us youtube normies