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【Granblue Fantasy】My GBF Handbook Reactions


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  • Just to be clear, this is a really good add-on. I applaud for their effort but man it sure requires a lot of tweaking/fixing lol

  • Opus had no effort? Me and kmr leech it

  • As a returning player after 2 years, this video low key killed any motivation I had to build up anything lmaoooo.

  • Im spamming KEKW in real life tho when watching this and saying "True"

  • Wait WTF, I just realize the don't have Fimbul in the Equipment Search despite recommending it in the Varuna Equipment Template

  • They better just give us the max skill level stat boost numbers and we'll be happier than whatever this memefest is.

  • Some of them are good but a lot of them are missing quite a bit. Like Opus, and only running 2 Blue Balls instead of 3, etc, etc. Seems sub-optimal to me for a lot of the primal grids they give.

  • its says template, I belive that most player is smart enough to find some refrences, including you too…
    Cygames is kind enough give us this tbh.
    improving, it just update bruh, most grid in here has been used before, and cygames just put in there 'cause they have refrence from some or bunch veteran player too…

  • When i saw your reaction on the First hades grid i laughed so much LMAO

  • I get that it's fun poking shit at Cygames but this is honestly kinda useful for someone like me 🙁
    Wish you'd gone in on it more constructively

  • gotta love how not even cygames acknowledges the shitty ass m2 weapons like shiva spear or grimnir spear

  • You can hear them panicking when they had to think of a f2p hades grid LMFAO

  • Guys you have to understand they're an indie studio with not enough people to have QA on updates.

  • Effort=money spent in game

  • Apparently CCWs don't exist at all in Cygames eyes lmao

  • now were certain that cykagames are on crack

  • Thanks game, today I learned Magna 1 should replace Opus
    10/10 will grind IRL for 6 copies of Grand weapons per grid

  • … I get a little annoyed when you heavily imply the game doesn't take real life effort. I had to quit the game because it is unplayable unless I dedicate my life to the game. I don't have the time.

  • But it doesnt show you fully upgraded GW weapons

  • RaphRaph

    Author Reply

    The weapon templates seems to be make by an AI

  • That's cool and all, but my weeb ass right here still waiting for im@s rerun so I can get Anastasia and minami.

  • grand SR weapons?? POG

  • I'm glad that it's something to show people that are just starting out. The amount of time spent in excel to organize that exact data. Probably won't ever use it but it's nice that they made it. They should change the effort bar to luck
    Edit: those grid selections are hilarious

  • not even effort in game but in real life

  • KmR : This is Handbook for you
    Me : Lo telat Ngentot