🔴Replay: Resin Casting Without a Pressure Pot | Episode 5

In this Live Stream replay, I covered some tips for resin casting without a pressure pot. I cast some pen blanks with just mica powders in them, cast some hybrid blanks with aluminum honeycomb, burl chunks, and pinecones, and I also discussed when you need to use pressure.

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  • Question. Can I use eye shadow instead of mica powder?

  • apple Green and orange

  • G ManG Man

    Author Reply

    Good video Thank God for F-FORWARD

  • Do use pressure and not vacuum? I am talking about using resin to turn on a lathe

  • Hi from Quebec

  • I seen in the background on the floor you have CCR epoxy also. Do you like that epoxy as well?

  • Heat gun is not a hair dryer. It will melt plastic and melt and burn you! Be careful please.

  • I pour Total Boat table top into 1" or so thick often – ice cube cubes of color. Make Stars and Shells and boxes. Martin

  • Kraków is the second biggest city in Poland (Europe)…

  • Vinger and Acra glass cleans well FYI.

  • Zac – I want to stablize and color wood for segmented turning. My question is – what glue is recommended for stabilized wood? Epoxy, Titebond type wood glue or some some variety of CA?

  • what is resin temperature the be before pouring molds youtobe

  • could you heat up the mold in the microwave do you think?

  • Kat.Kat.

    Author Reply

    Thank you for the tip with heating up the mold!

  • At 53:36 is the reason you poured the mixed resin and hardener in four different cups because of how many color your using or does it always have to be done with four cups? If so does that mean if you use 5 or 3 colors would you have to use 5 or 3 different evenly distributed cups at that time?

  • Keep it up

  • hi Zac thank you for this video it's very intructiv for me so thanks again.
    Could you give us the link to brian blum's (?) channel in youtube i can't find it.
    Thank you for your job 😉

  • Happy belated birthday, Daniel.

  • I haven't cast pinecones yet but I'm thinking pour directly on the pinecone to fill the voids, then turn it over and finish filling the mold.

  • I might have missed it buy why did you go to liquid diamonds instead of Alumalite ? was it for Slow set or your new choice,

  • Thanks for mentioning about polyester being flammable, I didn't know.

  • "…probably an hour or so…" 2:44:48 LOL! 😀

  • When I do resin with mica I do two layers bottom with mica or … then let cure then add topoff keeps it from floating

  • Thanks for the tutorial. You rock the resin world. Anyway I was wondering how many minutes of mixing the resins does it take for a good blend? Appreciate you from Tennessee

  • Hey Zac, here is the link you requested with the video game buttons. Thank you again for the inspiration and knowledge you have shared! Couldn't have done it without you!

  • Fantastic tutorial, Zac! Thank you for this video! Quick question. Is silicone mold release needed with a silicone mold? I may have missed it but didn't see you use any. I am getting a cart together with turners warehouse of several mica powders, liquid diamond, and a silicone mold or two.

    Also, I don't have a workshop and it is cold in my garage. Is the liquid diamonds too toxic to use indoors in an unfinished room in my basement, about a 10'x12' room?

    What is the de-mold time in a silicone mold with Liquid Diamonds? And will Solar Color Dust work with Liquid Diamonds good without pressure?

  • Thank you Zac you made one happy little boy with happy birthday wish & keep up the good work bro

  • HI Zac, finished off watching this morning on replay. great tutorial video and thanks for the shout out at the beginning of the show. I'll now be keeping a book detailing amounts used as I have cast some stuff that turned out great but can't replicate as not sure exactly what went into the cast. Cheers, Huw

  • Does the spray stuff for removing bubbles work with Alimilite? Or only certain specific brands?

  • I'll be looking for that big landscape. I want it as is, flat bottom, displayed right like it is. Beautiful snowglobe/paperweight type piece.