2020 CPA Exam Changes Webcast

Learn everything you need to know about the CPA Exam in 2020 in this webcast, presented by Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA. You’ll learn:

– Why It’s an Exciting Time for CPAs

– How to Get From Point A to CPA

– What to Expect on the CPA Exam

– The 2020 CPA Exam Changes

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  • Thank you so much for this video! I was unsure if I had what it takes to pass the CPA exam, but after watching this enthusiastic presentation I am motivated to take it on!

  • Hello sir.My name is Mahesh and I completed by UG in Mechanical engineer. I am interest to study cpa. Could you tell me whether I am eligible or not

  • Hi I'm Indian graduate (commerce) in the year 2014 through correspondence. Am i eligible to apply for CPA?

  • Regarding the hours requirements .. I have only got 128 hours out of Bachelor's degree from my university. How can I get the other 22 hours?

  • Gr8 effort, really appreciated.

  • I’ve graduated two years ago and I have 150 credits. However, I didn’t take audit class during my undergrad. This class is only offered this fall. My question is, if I bought your study materials and start studying but don’t take my exams until next year, is it worth getting the materials now or should I wait until I take the audit class?

  • Notice to schedule is good for only 9 months, no?

  • Its for USA or for Canada I am little confused here

  • Hi. Just want to ask if work experience requirements have changed recently?

  • 25:50