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A (not so) Helpful Guide To Granblue Fantasy

A not so helpful guide to Granblue Fantasy, what more could you ask for?
Also I know I didn’t focus on weapon grids and weapon skills, just go to the wiki.

Here are the sites you might need if you really do wanna get serious with the game
GBF Wiki

GBF International

GBF Subreddit

Links to show support:

(Can’t support monthly? I gotchu fam:

Please do share the video if you wanna show support, the more subscribers, the more motivation after all.

Links for the pictures

Djeeta and Gran:

Samurai Djeeta

Djeeta with a burger

Alexiel’s godly breast and thighs (thumbnail)

(I love you Hews, please notice me I’m your #1 fan heart heart)


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  • Also now there’s a fighting game for grand blue

  • Ty for the 1st 30 sec

  • Great, I'm not gonna play it. Thanks

  • I just wanna know the story

  • I wanna play this but A: it's not official in the U.S. as far as wikipedia tells me. (I know wikipedia can be a liar sometimes so if it's BSING me let me know)
    And B: I'm afraid of pirating or emulating it incase of viruses from any pirate site.

  • >dark and light are the hardest for beginners
    >proceeds to get orchid, olivia and helel ben shalem

  • neonneon

    Author Reply

    Wait is this true. The game is played by all those creepy, virgin boys that jerk off to anime? lets be honest its def alarming if you buy a game for jerking off, yikes. join society again

  • Beserking a baby. Wah

  • Its no longer playable in America why is that ? On android

  • It's a crime you didn't even consider zeta in your traditional waifus

  • Yeah. Narmaya is definitely best girl…and when I randomly pulled her on a single pull ticket, I knew it was meant to be. She's all I wanted in the game, and she came to me right when I started. Feels good

  • 썸네일 아주 섹시하게 잘 그린 그림

  • i play Gran.

  • VerdeVerde

    Author Reply

    I'm a girl and i play as Gran for the same reason guys play as Djeeta

    He's cute

  • Y is episode 13 a girl instead of the guy in the previous episode

  • Oh it’s just a shitty mobile game

  • korwa best girl

  • You know the reason i play gran in the first place is because of you

  • is this the game?
    all the beautiful art and everything… for this???

  • You know you're screwed when you start playing your second gacha game…

  • Wtf

  • I realize I am fucking hentai weeb when I know every doujin you put in this video.

  • Thank you you saved me 20,000 hours of my life

  • 0:22 sauce ples

  • Instructions not clear. How do I git gud? Have full same element weapon grid with all "big atk" buff on them, why do I still suck?

  • The second the "is this girl good" I liked. Nice video dude
    P.S I thought this was the fighting game version. Stayed.

  • My CoMeDY iS IROniC My DepPreSSion IS CroNIc

  • Well there’s a fighting game now so this series is about to go ham.

  • Vira is a lesbian

  • Let us find the sick pervert who made this Lyria hentai and beat them to death please.

  • where can I find the background picture please

  • Fucking weebs

  • I discovered gbf two years ago txn to hentai

  • hews master race.


    Author Reply

    been playing this game for 2 weeks now. loving the grind so far especially grinding my andira. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • My best girl is Shiva

  • I started to play Granblue with vira ssr seruel and olivia and it took me 2 months to get ssr fire (shiva)

  • my best Girl is Lucifer

  • But what if I'm Gran because my real name is Gran therefore I have to be Gran?

  • I literally only clicked this video because Granblue Fantasy is that thing I know nothing about that is the source for some of my favourite doujins. I feel attacked and its only been 30 seconds

  • I click at this because I thought the Platinum Granblue Fantasy Relink looks really look,
    wtf have I gotten myself into?

  • "You-eye-sis" bruh what the fuck?

  • Shadowverse is an actually good game, while also having nice waifus

  • The biggest mistake I made in my life is playing GBF, yeah its a grind hell. I'm stuck for 3 years now, well thats what I get from playing Grindblue

  • Oh… this video is kind of weird when he said all that hentai and now for me grandblue fantasy should die in hell

  • 0:15 that one got me fucked up, my dick literally got Skyfalled by bahamut when I get to "that" part, the other I can handle.

  • Don't forget to watch every doujin you haven't noticed from the girl you just pulled.

  • hilarious video

  • anyone got the Loli prostitution sauce