Advanced Techniques – Color Changing Cocktail

Chemists have long known that certain liquids will change color when the pH is altered. Here I use this technique to change a cocktail from blue to purple using butterfly pea flower tea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not consume dry ice, make sure it completely sublimates before serving.









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  • JzJz

    Author Reply

    Is it safe to mix dry ice in cocktail directly?

  • I love the music in these videos :)!

  • The Empress 1908 Gin produced in Victoria BC, Canada is made with butterfly pea blossoms. Looks just like that vibrant indigo, and changes colour when you mix with tonic or citrus juice. It tastes crisp, and delightful. An absolute treat for your taste buds and eyes!

  • How did you manage to find a tea with some of the only natural blue pigment that exists in nature?

  • What about janes bonds martini havent seen that yet

  • Cool video! For a mocktail version, would soda/sparkling water work as a sub for gin?

  • Just cause most of my friends don’t drink and this looks cool

  • Is there a way to make this in a non alcoholic variety?

  • How would infusing the gin with the tea work? Would it still have the desired effect and how much do you think you would need? Also, I love your channel and your work, please keep it up!

  • Could you just use dry ice to subtly change the color since CO2 dissolves into carbonic acid in solution? Or would the alcohol mixed in be too much for it to form?

  • Where can I buy the butterfly pea tea flower?? I’m in Spain btw

  • The Angry Hulk:

    Gin or Vodka
    Blue Curacao

  • We got peaflower at work gonna try it

  • Expression 1908 gin


  • Is the flower featured in the video used in the making of blue litmus paper?

  • Gotta have that V.
    Er uh, gotta have that flower

  • Thank you i've been looking for a video like this to prove a theory of mine. The indicator responsible is anthocyanine (most likely, am not completely sober at this point in time). For those of you that aren't swimming in clitoris it will be nice to know that anthocyanine is also in large quantities in red cabbage, just dry it in the oven and use it just like your fave female Body part in the video

  • You get a lot of your glassware from world market? I work there and i recognize a lot of the stuff like that oil cruet and your flip top bottles, even your bamboo knot picks and bar spoons

  • "We'll be using the butterfly pea flower tea"
    "This tea comes from the butterfly pea flower"
    Wow I could never have guessed that

  • Is there a way to make a cocktail that changes from blue to red?

  • 3:57 god I always forget how damn sexy he is….

  • your cocktail started to change color before being mixed with citric acid… that's because the co2 dissolved in whater made carbonic acid that decrease the ph and made the change of color…
    don't know if you can made such a beautifull fog with something else.. let me know 🙂

  • Pass………………..

  • Carbon dioxide can create h2co3 (acid), that's why it turned a bit purple before mixing.
    Still safe to drink, though

  • Empress 1908 Gin uses the Butterfly Pea blossom as one of its botanicals, and similarly changes color with the addition of citrus or tonic water.

  • looks up the scientific name of the butterfly pea flower

    eXCUSE ME??


  • This is absolutely amazing!!!

  • Oooh, more take five!

  • Four Pillars factory is in my state in Melbourne, 10 minutes down the road. Very good product. Aussie!

  • I'm color blind so it didn't change color for me lmao.

  • Remember guys to be careful with the dry-ice! ingesting it can be lethal.

  • This video is amazing in many ways. Thanks for this!

  • Instructions unclear. I'm eating citric acid with dry ice.

  • I tried to make this and had to make a little alterations since the tea I used wasn't concentrated enough.

    The main part being I made the blue tea into a syrup with 1/1 simple syrup. Then made it like a negroni with 1 part syrup, 1 part gin, 1 part triple sec.

    Stir and strain into rocks glass, squeeze a lemon wedge into the glass and stir Infront of the customer. You get a smooth and delicious cocktail

  • How much gin

  • A friend of mine uses a whole Punchbowl to make His "Ritual of Black Death" it's basically a show mixing of a Mai-Tai that he finishes of with Blue Curacao instead of tripple sec so the whole bowl turns pitch black in an instant, not as flashy as this but still pretty fun to watch

  • Organic dried butterfly pea flowers….anything that starts with that is a gay hipster ass and going to be overpriced drink.

  • give some guy a mysterious looking vitamine b pill, then give this to them half an hour later to freak them the fuck out and probably slap you once you tell them its a joke

  • Why do you remind me so much of binging with babish