"As long as your plans are good, there's no need to hide them" | Magnus Carlsen vs. GM Alik Gershon

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen plays a Symmetrical English against GM Alik Gershon. How will Magnus fare against a player who he says “used to be a pretty good player”? Replay the game with computer analysis:

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  • He used to be good ..
    The guy is obviously still playing casually online
    So it's like saying you used to be good but now your garbage

  • Magnus amazes me when he playes and then goes through the moves a while back ,he is so casual and has a lovely precise game

  • DUDE you are a bad ass chess player. I am getting addicted to watching you play.

  • Carlsen: wakes up beats unknown GM
    Me: wakes up and then poops

  • 3:37 Magnus seems to have failed no nut November 😂

  • Who finds similarities between Magnus and dexter..Magnus can pretty much be a serial killer if was not a chess player

  • 2:20

  • My plans?…

  • Casually kibitzing at super-human level while dealing with Jan and the chat. What a mind.

  • I don't even get why Magnus won, isn't he in trouble with his time, I'd think Shirik could have (at least tried to) beat him on time even though he's down a pawn.

  • What's with the hair?

  • The game ends with time left and no one in check? Sorry I don’t understand, can someone please explain?

  • Does it massivevly excite you or make you massively exited if ya know what I mean 😉

  • Why he did not take the rook at 2:25?

  • gggfxgggfx

    Author Reply

    Magnus: "He's a pawn down, deep trouble"
    Me +opponent: Half of all the pieces are off the board "Who is winning here?!"

  • I even forgot that hes facing a GM.. LOL he won without giving a single energy to think

  • He looks like Morrissey in this video.

  • Look how he casually and relaxed plays

  • I like how Magnus can think moves he could've played 3 moves ago , still while playing. And playing them out up to 7 moves ahead . while playing a Gm.. Make sence?

  • What an amazing time we live in when the world champion can just play anyone via internet!
    All these games are a treasure of chess; to be in the mind of Magnus Carlsen is unprecedented in terms of the chess greats of history.

  • Carlson is the best at chess but he’s a shitty person. I rather watch hikaru, he’s awesome and very charismatic

  • Who won this game? Is it a draw? Why the black didn't took the TOP figure

  • Magnus is playing whid a grandmaster ! So strong.

  • Fuck Israel…., hail Palestine…..

  • …that hair tho…

  • My plan is to win, is that good enough?

  • Most players train to become grandmasters
    Magnus trains to destroy grandmasters