Becker CPA Review vs Roger CPA Review Course 2019 [Who Wins This Battle?]

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In today’s video we dive into a head to head smackdown between two of the most popular CPA review courses, Becker CPA Review and Roger CPA Review

They will be going to toe to toe with each other as we deep dive into comparing the following crucial features you need to have to pass the CPA exam:
1) Video Lectures
2) CPA exam multiple choice & simultations
3) Customer Support
4) Course access length
5) Multiple choice analytics

The winner of this battle is going to surprise you.


Other CPA Review Courses mentioned in video:

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You can also find a full written review of both Becker and Roger CPA Review below along with the head to head write up:

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2) Becker CPA Review

3) Head To Head Write Up

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  • Actual video starts at 2:26

  • Homework help center is gone

  • I took bec 4 times and I got 21, 35 , 47 now 50. Please help. I used roger cpa

  • Roger cpa has changed. This is old

  • Do you have one for Surgent VS. Becker? I am struggling with Surgent

  • Fuck you and your bonus content.

  • Are the quizes for Roger really similar to the test?

  • Who has the most questions? As far as all the CPA review courses not just Becker and Roger?

  • PandaPanda

    Author Reply

    Thank You So Much For This Video

  • Very informative!! Thank you for your video.

  • I used Kaplan Schweser when I passed in 2009, but unfortunately they were discontinued. I would recommend Kaplan Schweser if they still made CPA books because they were written by Professor Joe Hoyle of the University of Richmond who is a master teacher.

  • So what is the best program out there between Roger, Wiley, etc… All I need is the best textbooks and practice tests. I dont really care about lectures, notes, and stuff that doesn't matter for the exam.