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[BnS] (UP-TO-DATE Until Removed) DirectX12 Mod Installation Guide – B&S Reddit IQ safe(Windows 10)

If you’re seeing this video that means it’s the current installation method. If it ever changes again I’ll hide this video until I make a new one.

PSA: 2.0 requires the latest C++ redist from microsoft:
Otherwise you’ll get “Invalid game client file. Please update game client or reinstall. (2000)(126)”

Current Release: 2.0

KNOWN ISSUES in v2.0 Release:
-Gunner sniper ulti has no AoE marker

Written instructions (by megai2 himself):

Github Link:

Releases page for Stable Release:

Appveyor Page for Latest Relese:

GW2 Development Discord:

Windows 10 or Windows 7

My specs at the time of recording:
i5-7500 @ 3.4GHz
GTX1070 G1 Gaming – 8GB VRAM
12GB DDR4 RAM @ 2133MHz
ASUS H11DM-R Motherboard
Toshiba Q300 SSD ~ 500GB


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  • Work It in Bns 32bits?

  • When i launch the game a system message appears that says "Invalid game client file. Please update game client or reinstall. (2000)(126)" in blade and soul.

  • Hmmm Guy, Can you tell me why after i did it. My BNS not using my NVIDIA RTX 2060 but go use use AMD RX Vegea 10 (Onboard VGA). Many thamks if you tell me.

  • Why it tool so much time to load the map, can you speed up the time to load it ?

  • after doing all the steps, I'm just getting a crash report, is it outdated? the game works just fine 2 weeks ago with the mod, but now I have to delete the dll file copied before if i want to get into the game.

  • hi there, do you have the zip file google drive download link? My region can't download the file with normal speed. (1kb/s lol)

  • 1.8.1 is superb

  • Hi, any tips to fix screen flashing while ALT TAB cause HDR WDR is open on monitor settings? Nothing like switch it off if possible.

  • when i start the game theres no screen :s what did i do wrong ?

  • Does it work with bns buddy or do i have to play feom launcher

  • @MTVirux i think i found a little issue , vsync on/off causes game crash.

  • When I place the dll I get a blackscreen when starting the game, when deleting the dll the game works normally. Is there anything I have done wrong?

  • im aware that you dont are pointing in increase fps in the game but i want to still ask : with this hardware , is worth to use the mod to get better framerate and less frametime sometime? : I7 2600 3.4ghz / rx570 4gb / 2x 8 gb ram ddr2 1333 dual channel , i want solid fps , the game can give more than 100 sometimes with that hardware , but somethimes its horrible , thats why i ask , can i get 60 solid fps with this mod? forget to say : i play the game on ssd.

  • Im getting visual C++ runtime error since i have installed it, it doesn't happen very often but it happens. Any idea why?

  • Testing on Win10 Pro, 8.00Gb Ram, GTX650, Intel i7-3770 3.40Ghz and I see some the differences!
    Thanks for free stable 45 fps.

  • big fan

  • Atleast for RTX 2070 some Textures are not loading at all ( i know it needs time) and some Textures get invisible during PVP. FPS gets worse aswell.

  • This mod is the best. Went from 10-20fps in dungeons to 35-50fps

  • Work in 32 bits cient?

  • What about FTH and Bluetooth solutions? And is that relate with dx12 ?

  • hey

  • Gotcha man cool ty!

  • Work in Windows 7?

  • MTViruz can you help me pls?

  • 9:48 Subscribed for this line. Absolute Gold.

  • not work game crash or black screen

  • This is my error starts before placing the pin I get that error Microsoft visual c ++ runtime library run time error

  • there is no BNS_config.ini when I download it

  • I did everything you said but when i start the game it wont start i tried several times but didn't work just showing me to Start Game :/

  • excuse me

    I am from TW server

    Try using d912pxy

    But once I use d912pxy

    TW Launcher cannot open Client.exe

    Someone provides a way to avoid the Launcher

    But because I use FB account

    No way to login without Launcher

    Is there any way to solve this problem?

  • Does this method increase your fps if you use a multi thread processor? I'm using the amd ryzen 5 1600 and my gpu is Nvidia GeForce 1060gtx 6gb

  • any idea why my fps was capped at 60 after i did what u did? and my vsync is always off. Somehow my overall fps went down

  • Show feet :3

  • MarcoMarco

    Author Reply

    Hello, could you make a guide teaching how to uninstall BnS plz? Thank you

  • Best way is to buy good processor from Intel. If it comes with hyper threading, disable that. Smoothest game play you get. And btw the resolution you uploaded this is really annoying. o.o

  • This mod is horrible it crashes a lot.

  • should i press the install in d912pxy

  • QuangQuang

    Author Reply

    what is your combat text font? Mind sharing?

  • VennVenn

    Author Reply

    Hello MTVirux who is also know as JoJo or Moonlight Terror in the EU server,
    Thank you, very cool