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BTS: Jungkook & Jimin – We Don't Talk Anymore [Color Coded Lyrics]- The BTS Journey (reaction)

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LK Chuyện Giàn Thiên Lý, Chuyện Hoa Sim – Trường Vũ (ASIA 42)
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    Wichita Falls, Texas 76308

    Borahae! Have a great friday!

  • Waste it on me is also a full english song by bts🥺💜 but i guess all.members dont have parts in it

  • btw you, what i could say mm you're sooo cute and handsome😬 your face figure and your smile so what i can say i can't how to say 😫

  • Jungkook has a very unique voice

  • OMG YOUR REACTION IS CUTE. Can you pls check out
    →"own it" Dance cover by jk and jm,
    →"Coming of age ceremony dance practice by jk and jm". Wish there is clear video of their performance on stage in yt but it's mostly available in dailymotion.
    →And finally "Black or white" Dance cover performance by jk and jm.
    I'm sure you'll love it too

  • Jungkook’s voice and Jimin’s are uhmmmm very nice! hahahah

  • ↔Their voices are🔥🔥🔥2gether💜

  • 오 웃을때 김뷔 가끔 보이는거 착각인가? 잘생긴애가 잘생긴 애들 좋아하네 눈호강 !

  • I love jimin voice sm💕

  • Don't overworked. 🤗

  • Jk also sang this with Charlie puth live you should react to that too

  • Please reaction to twice or some girl group music video

  • I like your smile 😊

  • ugh!ugh!

    Author Reply

    jimin and jungkook make such an amazing duo on stage wether it’s singing or dancing. they’ve done a lot of dancing together. check out own it dance practice, it’s only the two of them, bts prom party jimin and jungkook black and white dance and also coming of age ceremony. btw jungkook performed this song with charlie puth back in 2018 if u wanna check it out

  • actually, the accent is not prominent for non english speakers while singing, even for British artists, you'll notice they sing in American accents. idk the reason but even my accent is not prominent while im singing

  • Please reaction to BTS
    1. BTS live perfomance full in MAMA ( Mnet Music Awards 2018)
    2. BTS live perfomance full in MMA (Melon Music Awards 2018)
    3. BTS live perfomance full in MAMA (Mnet Music Awards 2019)
    4. BTS live perfomance full in MMA (Melon Music Awards 2019)

  • There's a variety of reasons for that
    1. Singing actually comes from a different part of the brain, this is why stroke patients can often sing but not talk properly
    2. Because u have a set out sentence that is often in a rhythmic tone it is easier to pronounce, u probably find that you can sing kpop songs not to badly but can not form a coherent Korean sentence.
    3. Generally language change does not change the ability to sing…. Sorry but if u can't sing in English u probably can't sing in another language either 😂

  • I guess because it's easier memorizing a whole song rather than a whole new language, right? It's like how do some of us know some korean phrases but can't fluently speak or understand korean?

  • Please listen to sweet night from v💜

  • They sound so beautiful and I remember how I screamed and started to cry when Jimin started singing,I am still very much affected 😂😂💜💜

  • Waste it on Me is another English song, it's a collab with Steve Aoki

  • And you also can check it out song WHO – Lauv ft JK and Jimin .. that's super duper great song 💜

  • Thanks for another reaction 💜

  • This is soooo better than the original for me😁😁😁😁

  • For a song in English check out Waste it on Me. Lyric video is best cuz the MV was kinda weird. A project with Steve Aoki. RM, Jimin, and Jungkook sing.

  • Thank you ZAE…ur reactions really make my day .. keep smiling.. Borahae ZAE 💜💜💜

  • 2 Angel voice

  • You should react to Steve Aoki n BTS..Waste it on me…it's all in English..really good too..

  • Only diff is practice. So that means you could, if you did that. (Includes guidance from ppl who know how to develop voices & performance skills.)

    Their issues w English are abt shaping sounds, esp ones that English has that Korean does not, and the other way around. When you are learning to speak, you are listening to various models, and you have to learn to shape the sound plus average out across all the different sound models you are hearing. When you are learning to sing one song in that same language, you have a single model. You only have to learn to shape the sound. That is easier, and more focused and intense, which would throw lots of people off, because very focused and intense also feels boring. One of BTS's great gifts, as individual guys and as a team, is getting past the boring stuff, into the place where they build the skills.

    Since getting interested in BTS last fall, I've been watching Jimin in a lot of different videos. Because he seems special or unusual. What I seem to be seeing is that he practices varieties of movement and sound more or less continually, unless he's resting or sleeping. All that fooling around we see, all that intermittent charm, the aegyo, the exaggerated Busan satori, to me that looks like his own tiny personal rehearsals of different things. His playfulness is like an artist's brush. And he is the color, and the canvas. If this is what he is doing, I'm not surprised at how good he is with sound and movement, and also with being kind to others. Because he's doing all of this to tell a story and connect with people. Imo.

    If you read this far, thanks for checking out my theory. Blessings to you. I look for your reactions everyday. 💜🐋💜

  • jungkook has a bunch of covers he did, many from western artists aka in english, you should definitely check them all out!! his voice is amazing,, i mean you already know, but.. 😉 also tae has two songs completely in english that he wrote, sweet night & winter bear, plus he’s covered adele’s someone like you!

  • Jimin has a very unique voice

  • Good morning
    It's Saturday!!

    Zae: Why?
    Me/ARMY: They are always listening and surrounded by music.
    Me also: Guilty that most of my English/International songs are songs recommended by BTS or songs we know when they have it in their background when they have a live (VLIVE/YT) broadcast or in a car when they're driving and jamming too.
    Me also: Guilty that I know more oldie (70-20s) Korean songs than new/latest Filipino songs!

    Jimin rarely make an English song cover since he is not that confident with his English but that's just him and ARMY love him whenever he is shy but then we love him more when he gives us a cover.
    JK is the most to do a song cover and we love him for that as well

    In conclusion, we love them all!!

    Take good rest
    Love and support from the Philippines ^_^

  • React to RM and jungkook fools cover piano version.

  • You should react to The Last by agust d, it goes so hard and its slept on

  • jimin and jungkooks voices fit so well together, and they also have the best chemistry while on stage and they’re so cute offstage. id love for you to see more of their subunits !!

  • They memorized the lyrics and I'm sure it takes long and they get help.. But They sound great and JK does a lot of english covers so he used to it. 💜💜💜

  • This cover song got me into the BTS. When I heard it it sound so beautiful so I looked for JK for i thought he only sang it and got to know he was in BTS then heard Fire and B,S&T which got me into the fandom officially.

  • V does a beautiful song for the series Itaewon Class titled Sweet Night in English. It really is sweet, love listening to it.

  • Kookie and Namjoon actually did a cover of Fools, please react to it!!

  • I would also like you to react to txt yeojun cover to song cry🙏

  • You have to listen V's composed song "SWEET NIGHT." It is a full English song. OST of Korean drama "Itaewon Class" and V set the record as the Artist in the World with 106 #1 countries in

  • v too sings in english check out sweet night and winter bear //