C programming feof stdio.h

In C programming the <stdio.h> feof function tests if the file indicator has reached the end-of-file.The declaration of the function is given below.

int feof(FILE *stream);

stream -The pointer to the file whose EOF is to be checked.

Return type
int -Returns nonzero if and only if the end-of-file indicator is set for stream.

A code example is given below.

Code example

FILE *fp=fopen(“text.bao” , “rb+”);
int val , count ;

if (fp != NULL)
while ( true)
val=fgetc(fp); //read character from the file

if( feof(fp) )
fprintf(stderr , “\nEnd of file has reached”);
/*.. process the character **/
printf(“File cannot be opened”);

fclose( fp );

If there is no more character to be read from the file the program prints “End of file has reached”.

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