C programming vprintf stdio.h

int vprintf( const char * restrict format ,
  va_list arg);

Parameters :
format -The string with the conversion specifier.

arg -A lists of variables.

Return type
int-Returns the number of characters transmitted,or a negative value if an output or encoding error occurred.

In C programming the <stdio.h> vprintf function is equivalent to printf function but instead of using ellipsis as the third argument it is replaced by va_list.A code example is given below.

Link : C printf stdio.h

Note include the header <stdarg.h> to use va_list , va_start macro.
Code example

void func(char* format , …)
va_list arg ;

va_start(arg , format);

vprintf(format , arg);

va_end( arg );

int main( )
func( “Date:%d Day:%s” , 15 , “Saturday”);

getchar( );
return 0 ;


Date:15 Day:Saturday

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