Cast game controller buttons

In this video I will show you how to cast game controller buttons. I use Oyumaru to make a mold of a Famicom controller d-pad. Then I cure the clear hard UV-resin with a UV-LED light. Finally you get to see the video game controller with its custom cast buttons. Also I give you a sneak peak at my future Star Wars themed Famicom mod🎮

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🔥Rocker Gaming good how to for casting game controller buttons🎮

👍The Crafsman excellent videos for how to casting molding and more!⭐

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Time needed 10-15 min

-rubber bands
-rubber gloves
-tooth pick
-clay modeling tool
Non-Affiliated links to products used:
-Padico UV-resin
-Padico UV-resin led curing light
-chip led
-soldiering iron Goot KS-30R
-soldier for circuit boards Diameter 0.6 mm
-soldering paste Goot BS-10

 Music: (Zophar Net) and


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  • Stop using the loud computer sounds.

  • You must be fan of the Star Wars

  • Can you make a video about installing a gbc into a dmg shell?

  • a bunch of other people have mentioned it, but i wanna also add that the sounds are a bit much. They're a cute addition, but overused and too loud(louder than your voice track most of the time). If you at the very least turn them way down (like to the same level as the music in the background) things would sound better IMO.

  • I just want to put dmg gameboy buttons and dpad in there, that's what I grew up with. softer and less hard on fingers.

  • Nice video but the osunds are very irritating

  • Good video I just recommend you dont use so many of the extra sound effects while you're speaking it breaks up the flow of an otherwise really well done video.

  • Pix4rPix4r

    Author Reply

    great tutorial but man those random noises are creeping me out o.O

  • Pretty cool! Could you make a video showing how to cast a game boy shell?

  • Nice video. Just subscribed.
    Take a look at my channel, have some great ideas based on this for future mods.

  • What a quick and easy casting method!

  • That was some cool stuff I’ll have to try it out!

  • I'm very new to the world of resin. When adding color do you use acrylic or mica powder? I've been hesitant to experiment because I'm mostly cheap lol Love the video always good stuff 😀

  • Good stuff dude! Appreciate the love and let there be no doubt this is a unique way to do it for it, thanks for sharing!

  • hola 😉

  • Dude that's awesome thanks for sharing