Casting EVERYTHING for a GameCube Controller – #1 Introduction

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A video guide series on resin casting everything on a GameCube controller. From the ABXY, Start, Dpad, Z and triggers, thumb sticks and even casting rubber on thumb sticks, and finally casting GameCube controller shells, both front and back.

This introduction includes everything you’ll need from equipment to materials in order to cast each item.

This is the first video in a series that goes in depth on each part of the casting process, including mold making, pouring and casting each button set and putting it all together in one epic controller.

Moldbox .stl Files:

Respirator & Filters:

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  • Great video glad I stumbled on this!


    Author Reply

    me at first:yeah,i can do that

    me after 3 minutes:no i can't

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  • Equipment

    Pressure Pot: 2.5 Gal C.A. Technologies Pressure Pot

    Air compressor: California Air tools

    Vacuum chamber and vacuum pump

    Respirator: 3M 60923 + filters


    Gram Scale (to the hundred)

    Mixing cups

    Popsicle sticks

    Non-Sulfure based clay

    Flesh Cutters

    Foam Core or other methods to make mold boxes

    Cork borers for mold registration

    Syringes (5 and 60 ml)

    Drill and or Dremmel (for polishing and tapping screw holes)


    Cutting mat

    Mold Rack

    Heating pad

    Tehe game controller you w ant to make a cast of.


    Epoxacast 690 (5h pot life and 24h curing time)

    Task9 (8 min pot life and 1h cure time)

    Mold Star 30

    Tin Cure Silicone : Mold Max 29NV (for the polyurethane pour of joysticks)

    Mold release: EASE Release 200

    Castable Polyurethane: BJB Enterprises WC-565 Polyurethane

    Pigments and Dyes

    Mica powders: Caster's Choice

    Dyes: So Strong and Ignite

  • Is there anyone who also casts sticks like you? I'm looking for a full set but I can't seem to find anyone who also does the control stick and c stick.

  • Thanks for this man! I’ve been resin casting for the switch for a while now but needed to up my game, and your tutorials came just in time!

    Quick question though, where can I get a heating pad like that one? I can’t seem to find them anywhere

  • The quality on this video is insane

  • Everyone who is all "Man these custom controllers are cool but too expensive" just got shut down

  • The editing is FIRE

  • 2bye2bye

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    Dope editing man.

  • So sick man thanks a lot for making these. Just bought a pressure pot recently and have been wanting to get more into casting. Did you happen to have the STL file for that mold box?

  • The editing on this is crazy. Great work and narrative north!