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Celine Tam 譚芷昀 We Don't Talk Anymore CHARLIE PUTH

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Schedule of my Videos:
Every Sunday 930pm HKT

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Celine Daddy 譚芷昀爸爸(唱歌老師)在線學唱歌

無論你在香港,內地或海外,安在家中,現在可以享受Celine 爸爸的唱歌教學,點擊以下查看三種不同網上唱歌課程音樂計劃

Quick Trail Class is also Available at $80USD for 15 minutes (Classroom/Skype)
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Whatapps +852 96981248
wechat: singandyoumusic

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Some of the Best Students trained by Dr. Steve (AGT Celine TAM’s Father)
1. Bring Me To Life COVERED by SAYMusic Joanna
2. 天亮了 COVERED by SAYMusic Cherry
3. Original Song – Forever Love COVERED by SAYMUsic Farrah
4. How Am I Suppose To Live Without You COVERED by SAYMusic Ysabel
5. 白金升降機 COVERED by SAYMusic Charlotte
6. She Used To Be Mine COVERED by SAYMusic Kathy
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Over 280 Students Singing Music Videos

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wechat: singandyoumusic

Steve Tam Duet & Solo Singing Music Video list:
1. A Million Dreams (Duet)
2. A Million Dreams (Solo)
3. Fight Song (Duet)
4. Never Enough (Duet)
5. 愛如潮水 Love is like a Tide (Duet)
6. Ed Sheeran “Perfect” (Duet)
7. Westlife – Better Man (Duet)
8. Westlife – Better Man (Solo)
9. Fight Song (Solo)
10. A Whole New World (Solo)
11. A Whole New World (Duet)
12. 夢醒時分 (Solo)
13. Always Remember Us This Way (Duet)
14. Let It Be The Beatles (Duet)
15. 夢醒時分 (Duet)
16. Speechless (Duet)
17. Always Remember Us This Way (Solo )
18. Even Now (Duet)

Steve Tam Singing Coaching & Song Vocal Coach React Videos
1. [How to Sing with Microphone]
2. [Duet Beauty and the Beast]
3. [Jeffrey Li Tell Me Why]
4. [Jeffery Li Can You Feel The Love Tonight]
5. [Korean Girl Yoon Si Young Tomorrow]
6. [Jeffery Li You Raise Me Up]
7, [Colours of The Wind]
8. [Indonesian Girl Malea Emma]
10. [China Girl I want a HOME 我想有個家 邱詩晗]
11. [TNT BOY Flashlight]
12. [TNT BOY A Million Dreams]
13. [Sucker by Jonas Brother Carpool Karaoke]
14: [A Million Dreams ft. Dr. Steve singing A Million Dream]
15: [TNT BOY I Am Telling You I’m Not Going]
16: [TNT Boys Break Free]

Global Whatapps+852 96981248

Global Whatapps+852 96981248
wechat: singandyoumusic
Existing Students from China, Hong Kong, United States, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada…..

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