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Cliff Richard – We Don't Talk Anymore [ Lyrics on video…HQ sound ]

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Cliff Richard “We Don’t Talk Anymore”… Released September 1979
Produced by “The Shadows” rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch and
written by guitarist Alan Tarney
“We Don’t Talk Anymore” was a UK number one single
for four weeks in August 1979
“We Don’t Talk Anymore” was his biggest worldwide seller.
Number one in Germany for five weeks.
Reaching number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States.
The song , was the sixth video aired on MTV , on its launch date, August 1, 1981.

We Don’t Talk Anymore [ Lyrics ]

Used to think that life was sweet
Used to think we were so complete
I can’t believe you’d throw it away

Used to feel we had it made
Used to feel we could sail away
Can you imagine how I feel today
Well, it seems a long time ago
You were the lonely one
Now it comes to letting go
You are the only one
Do you know what you’ve done

It’s so funny
How we don’t talk anymore
It’s so funny
Why we don’t talk anymore
But I ain’t losing sleep
And I ain’t counting sheep
It’s so funny
How we don’t talk anymore

Oooooooh, we don’t talk

Well, it really doesn’t matter to me
I guess you’re leaving was meant to be
It’s down to you now
You wanna be free
Well I hope you know which way to go
You’re on your own again
Don’t come crying to me
When you’re the lonely one
Remember what you’ve done

It’s so funny
How we don’t talk anymore
It’s so funny
Why we don’t talk anymore
But I ain’t losing sleep
And I ain’t counting sheep (sheeeeep)
No, no, no
It’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore

Oooooooh, we don’t talk
Whoooooo, we don’t talk
But I ain’t no, losing sleep
No, I ain’t counting sheep (sheeeeep)
No, no, no ,no
It’s so funny
How we don’t talk anymore

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  • Todd Rundgren Style!

  • Em outubro 2018 nao dizias isso!
    Agora da minha parte tens o que mereces! ZERO! NADA! DESPREZO apenas e só!

  • My covid theme song to my GF lol🤣

  • I'm 35, born in 85 i know this song is before my time. I discovered it when i was about 15 by mistake and have loved it ever since. Great song, they say music is generational but if its good, its good you know and this is a really good song.


  • I was just 20 when this song came on but it still retains the freshness of Cliff's voice.I love his simple songs.

  • Played it no less then 6 times during the time Solid Gold was on the air. 😆

  • Thank God the real version exists. I kept getting some Selena Gomes stuff.

  • I this song by Cliff Richard “We don’t talk anymore” very much indeed

  • Sooo stttuuupppiiiddd

  • Hilariously tragic

  • Toooo good singing ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Loved it the first day that I heard it in '79!

  • When Cliff sings "It's so funny" it sounds like he's singing "piss off, honey."

  • That intro… Sonic – green hill zone, anybody?

  • UnUn

    Author Reply


  • One of the best tunes ever from the 70s xxx

  • This is a true song ….I like the way it sounds….It's so funny how we don't talk anymore. .


  • I always thought that he was singing, ‘I ain’t losing sleep, I ain’t got in shape.’

  • 👍✨🇬🇷

  • I get so mad that they play absolute shit on the radio over and over when there's so much good music out there like this banger

  • 1980 si no me equiovoco….que tiempos aquellos….nunca mas volveran…😔😔

  • Good soft rock can put me to sleep….that's not a bad thing!

  • Yes I was searching this track my very old fabin 89 ,s

  • Great production values, sounds so good on vinyl, just made a mental note to dig out one of the studio albums with this track and let it rip on vinyl.
    Cant we have more of this than the over produced, filtered, compressed, auto tuned stuff that 'average' people and groups put out there these days. Yes its all about digital these days and putting an average mix together to get the track on cd or data streaming to bring in the bucks. Still…vinyl IS still there and I'll always [refer t play it to cd or data stream in the studio.

  • 😍😍

  • Stay Strong – Bless you All ..

  • This is f**** better music, than most modern gibberish.

  • I like this version better. They took the last repeat off the single version. To me that was an authoritative declaration only equal to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" also released in 1979.

  • A perfect pop song!

  • Cliff wrote the easiest and greatest songs on the radio. Cool as was his style.

  • This song reminds me I was there in 1980 Charleston south Caroline .Bali Indonesia

  • The old songs reminds of too many things and how was our childhood how everything used to be in those great times when we were truly happy in our lives everything was so simple but so pure those times don't come back anymore.

  • To all family and my ex husband

  • But it's not funny to be old

  • Ich liebe diese alten Lovesongs, in english?

  • i'm really enjoyed it^^thumbs up from Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia

  • Miss the days back ❤️💔😔

  • Miss this music!! Takes back to when life was simple!!

  • I wonder why they do not talk

  • Memories of my youth

  • Show mister, amei quando essa musica disparou nas paradas de sucesso! 🖒