Common C++ programs :download C++ programs

Besides writing a tutorial I thought it will be good to provide the code of some of the common C++ programs.The programs discussed here will be usual questions which we learn in schools and colleges or sometimes our teacher is mindful enough to disrupt our vacation by providing us some questions as a homework(especially for the Indian students studying in Class 11 and 12 in CBSE board)-those are the type of questions which we will discuss here.Well can’t blame the schools or the Colleges or the teachers but you can blame yourself if you find yourself is a state not capable of writing any program perfectly and the material provided here is just for you.There are many and wide ranges of question that can be used for practicing and so I have selected some specific questions(how these questions are selected will be made confidential).All these programs will be written using the simplest known possible method and if any statement ,expressions or library function is used it will be explained why they are used.The source code will be also made available for download;use the link provided below the program to download it.

Note::Indian students studying in Class 11 and 12 in CSBE board can take full advantage of the material provided here.Students from US , UK and all around the world can also refer to the programs given here and I hope it will be useful in one way or the other.



C++ topic:Structure


  i) A program that will accept name,category ,marks for five subjects and a registration number.The registration number must consist of areacode, region code, school code, current year and serial number.The number of user is limited to 10 person.

ii) C++ program to add , subtract , multiply and divide two complex numbers.

iii) A C++ program to find month,date and day after 50 days from the current date.

iv) C++ program that stores the information of 50 clients.Details include customer name, code, date of starting, number of years, interest rate, and total amount.A program to calculate compound interest for these clients.


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