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Core C++ tutorial contact
You may contact owner for:
i) Suggestion on the improvement of this website.Such contacts are very welcomed and I encourage you to do so,as I am also a leaner.
ii)If you find my code example little hard to understand then you can contact me.I will try to give you a simpler version of the code but provided you give me your contact-gmail or twitter.
iii) Misinterpretation of concepts or fault in my code example.Please feel free to contact me in such case as I am also a human being and no human being is perfect.But,the codes are all tested in Code::Blocks before I present it to the reader,so I expect less error or no error at all.

You may not contact me for

i) Asking the answer of the questions which is given at the end of chapter.Try to find the answer yourself as you will learn more in doing so.
If contact is necessary but does not fall under any of the above cases then contact me .My website mail is can also reach me through my Gmail