CPA Exam Success : Nkem Nwogbo | How she passed her CPA Exam + CPA Study Tips

In this video, I interview Nkem Nwogbo a recent college grad from the University of Maryland, College Park and she shares her CPA Success Story!

Time Stamps:

Intro – 0:11
When she decided she wanted to study for the CPA – 1:57
The Order she took the exam – 3:40
Difference between the old and new exam – 5:04
How she studied – 7:05
How many hours she studied – 10:04
How many times she took the exam – 12:50
Challenges she faced – 15:45
How she celebrated – 18:07
Advice for people studying – 18:54
How it feels to be done – 20:21
Summary – 21:34

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    Author Reply

    I think it is also fine taking it after you worked it actually helps as you've done actual work. The schedule might me tough working full time but it can also help with experience.

  • Congrats, I love to see my Queens winning….I am a State Licensed General/Roofing contractor in Florida, with a degree in construction engineering,,(Famu),I remember those study days,,,great job…

  • Hello Sharon,

    I’m getting ready to start studying in a week once my materials arrive. I’ve graduated college back in 2015 with my accounting degree and have been working full time now. I would say I work about 40-45 hours a week in corporate accounting. I understand that this is not the normal because those in public work longer hours. I need some advice in creating a study plan for the weekdays and the weekends. Your Codie here has really inspired me to start the process. I always tell my self I’m not going to be the smartest person to ever attempt the CPA and I won’t be the dumbest to ever attempt it so WHY NOT ME. 🤷🏾‍♂️✊🏾🇳🇬 igbokwenu

  • What is the Best order to take the exam ? If can get comments; Thanks! Jorge Realtor Miami

  • I made it century by liking the video

  • All the best and this was a very inspirational video. Thanks

  • Hi Sharon, I am interested in getting my CPA. However, I have been out of school for years (graduated in 2007 Bachelor's in Accounting). Do you think I should get my masters first to refresh or go straight into studying for the CPA exam?

  • This video is appreciated

  • Thanks ladies. I just started studying for the exam but I work full time. Do you have any tips on how to study efficiently ?

  • How much money did you start making a week or a month ?

  • Very inspiring! I have 3 out of 4 completed. I only have FAR left. This is motivating me to push forward. Best wishes in your careers!

  • Congrats, weldon . Good representation(Naija spirit)

  • I'm 17 (graduating school this year) and I'm really invested in the CPA. I have bought books, do you think me reading them from time to time and making notes while going through my first two years of college will do any thing ? Because I plan on getting courses at my second year in college.

  • Oooh and congrats.

  • I need to do this. Thanks ladies

  • Meanwhile, congratulations to both of you and thanks for making us proud. Naija no dey carry last….

  • Sharon, I am an ACA from Nigeria, with bachelors in Economics. Can you recommend a state where i can apply and write for the CPA exams.

  • How did you manage information system and accounting

  • Nice. Thank you.

  • Congratulations Nkem and this was a very inspirational video. Thanks ladies

  • Congrats, Nkem Nwogbo. I worked while I was studying. During lunch I would review with flashcards and I listened to audio lectures while driving.