C++ software and How? an introduction to some of the workings of software made in C++.

Supposing you have finished reading C++ and you are starting out to make a software but stuck with the question what to make?. Some of the workings and algorithms describe here may help you find that answer.Not all the workings of software available in the internet or market is describe but we will see some of the workings of softwares written in C++ and which are doing well in the programming world. The exact workings or the algorithms will not be describe but rather we will see the approach in making these softwares. Once you know how a software is made or what type of algorithm is used you will be able to make a better one by applying better approach or using better algorithms.So knowing the approach is important.Off course,to make a software you also need a GUI which I will not describe here, this link ide-gui-compiler-debugger-source-code-in-cplusplus/ may help you start with,what is GUI?.
The list of software which we will discuss is given below.
i)Compression and WinRar software:I am always fascinated by this type of software.Having them in our laptop or computer will save us some space despite they occupy some space.In this type of software the algorithm is the main part and efficient codes will also increase the compressing time.For this category we will discuss two algorithm:
i)7 bits compression method and
ii)LZW algorithm.
Next we will see How CCleaner is made.