Dad & Sons 123: One Complete Per Week, feat. Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil

Thanks Jirard for guesting on this special episode!

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00:03:50 Talkin new media madness with Jirard
01:27:14 The Last of Liam: Part 2
01:35:37 Mattro Exodus
01:54:47 Jirard on Dead by Daylight, FFXIV, Hyrule Warriors
02:25:29 Listener Question

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  • It's concerning that this episode's a week old on YouTube now, and the Aggretsuko Season 2 dadson hasn't posted their comment here yet.

    Also, hooooooo boy the talk of YouTube algorithms and such is really triggering my LeftTube twitch.

  • I'm afraid to ask if Jirard ever completed the 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors too.

  • Jirard seems like the kind of guy who would spearhead a class action suit towards YouTube to protect his fellow YouTubers and communities.

    Why do I feel like this is where modern history is headed?

  • As someone who's watched all you guys since the beginning this was really heartfelt. Especially watching the completionist, as an artist who's struggled, nothing is more comforting to see you talk about everything and hear what drives you. You've always inspired me through working through all your obstacles and facing how scary art can be when pursuing it.

  • I must disagree with Liam about The Last of Us Part II. The gameplay is great, it's a very good stealth game (as of today the only stealth games I haven't played are Styx and Thief), the AI of human enemies is very complex, kind of a merge between MGS2/3 and FEAR, but even more that that. The feedbacks when hitting or shooting someone is incredible and the graphical violence is the icing on the cake. The see-through-everything button has been heavily debuffed and its upgrading as the choice to use it it's entirely optional. That button it's in Hitman too, but basically it's there only to train you on how enemies works or for "bad" players. If you like good stealth games, the more you play them the better you become, the lesser you try to use those "cheats", at the end of the day stealth in games it's just pretending that everything follows some rules while you limit yourself to be immersed, since stealth games are probably the hardest to design realistically (until we achieve some revolution in AI technology).

    In regards of the story, I really liked it, it's a matter of taste but every action made by the characters is coherent, and if some misinterpreted or misunderstood the theme of the game maybe they just need to live and experience some more. I loved the ending of the first one and I'm still digesting this ending, but I'm satisfied. The biggest problem of the first was the gameplay, while in this maybe it almost feels like the focus.

    Talking about stories in videogames, I think that games should focus on what other media can't portrait (like MGS, Undertale, Souls, NieR, good RPGs, Return of the Obra Dinn, Pony Island, etc…), but The Last of Us is maybe the only filmic series I truly enjoy, and talking about how little time you spend with your characters in these kinds of games, well, this game is very long, I finished in something more than 30 hours. It's a very well crafted experience, but as much as I respect an artist's vision, when I'm playing an interactive scene in a videogame…well, I expect for my contribution to matter something. In the end the characters I was in control of never did something I wouldn't have done in their shoes, but even the slightest choice can make a world of difference.

  • Okay, learning math through Starcraft sounds fucking rad.

  • nice

  • Also has anyone ever gone down the niche youtube community? Vacuum cleaners is a good one. ASMR, reviews, suction tests, comparisons. If it exists, there will be an audience. Same thing with laundry machines and other stuff


  • y not main channel for reach?

  • HatHat

    Author Reply

    Hey George, are you still watching Cowboy Bebop?

  • That got really real really fast, and I appreciate all of it. Keep being the best Dads to ever be Sons.

  • George, recording at 7:00 a.m. California time is downright criminal.

    A Baja California resident

  • Such a good episode of the podcast! Thanks for all the real talk and behind the curtain yt discussion esp Jirad awesome as always.

  • 1:26:16 my first guess back in the day would've been TB, now I'm thinking the Cox

  • So it's come full circle.

  • ViaVia

    Author Reply

    The conversation about YouTube and online culture was like watching a flower sprout from a dungheap. The escalation of tabloidal and toxic content has been quite depressing, and that's before you even factor in its effects at adding to the general allotment of human distemper in the world. So it was a balm to listen to actual adults having an informed and thoughtful conversation about the cesspool we have made for ourselves. Thank you.

  • I don't mean to be a dick because this is just a dumb nitpick but, wasn't George's patreon supposed to pay for the Podcast?

  • 1:52:10 what am I supposed to get from this? "Political propaganda good"? I hope at the very least you have the good sense to never consume it uncritically. It is still pushing a message and most messages pushed by most people are false, because people are fallible. People who already managed to do professional music careers right (which many people fail trying) are, like most other people, going to be good for one thing and not that good for most other things, like political theory. You enjoy this kind of political propaganda? Good, I hope you enjoy the artistic side of it a-plenty, and don't take the rest too seriously. Kinda like an atheist can enjoy the Bible as an old book on Jewish history and mythology.

  • Patreon? Our Dad and his Boys are growin up!

  • Hyped for Liam's game design classes!