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Epic Seven: Chilling with Reddit #1

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I may do this once a week. To encourage more interaction in positive Reddit posting. It’s just for fun and don’t take it seriously.
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  • Glad you liked my mouse. Your rant about gear after seeing it was sort of my exact point in using a mouse.

  • Bummer, I was hoping you’d see my art post Maybe next time

  • i dont like reddit at all anymore, the app sucks and when i visit it on my mobile browser they are forcing the app on me on every page

  • TimTim

    Author Reply

    Nice content. Btw, thanks for saying gear 😉

  • Love the game but is it weird that I’m the only one that seems to not care about this collab?

  • Rhianna and Lucielle banner when?

    Whatever man, just play what you like, I don't even play E7 anymore, but I'm going to come back for that collab because I love me some GG

  • SiulSiul

    Author Reply

    Damn we really need some merchandise like those clay figures, they look pretty good to decor.

  • Aither's still haunting him everywhere, lul