Euron's plan to become a god!

What is Euron’s ultimate aim in a song of ice and fire? He wants to rule the seven kingdoms, but has he got his sights set even higher? Does he want to become a god?

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This video may contain spoilers if you haven’t watched any of Game of Thrones yet.

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  • What do you think? Do you agree that Euron is planning to become a god? Do you think he will succeed?

  • wouldn't it be funny if we see the afterlife of Euron and he realizes that the crimes he didn't pay in life, will be paid in death

  • He doesn't want to just a God…..he wants to be THE God. The one and only.

  • A little detail. The child his soon to be sacrificed lover is carrying is the first he’s begotten since being crowned king of the Iron Islands and therefore has kings blood…

  • Hmm seems that a god/ gods are not in that iron throne vision, the old gods of the north unless i missed it somewhere.

  • The others: built up over 5 books as the biggest threat and have barely been seen

    Fans: no Eurons gonna come out of nowhere and be the final boss

  • This whole thing makes me think of John Hurt as Caligula in the 1976 "I, Claudius." There's a scene where he invites Claudius into his room, and asks Claudius if he sees anything different about him. Claudius was quick enough on his feet to get what Caligula was driving at, and said yes, he can see that Caligula has become a god. Euron = Caligula. Yikes.

  • Meanwhile Euron in TV shows: a FinGer in dA bUM

  • The writers of season 8 should have come 2u for inspiration!!

  • “Be a King? Think not. Why be a King When you can be a God”

  • In her flames at the end of aDwD, Melisandre sees a dark tide rising from the depths, washing over towers by the sea. Is that Euron Greyjoy destroying Oldtown?
    It reminds me of Jojen's dream about Winterfell being hit by the ocean, foreshadowing the Ironmen taking the city. Except this time, the tide is dark, apparently. Also it is "rising from the depths". Perhaps Euron isn't turning into a god, but rather he is summoning one from the bottom of the sea. And if so, is he aware that he is awakening this ancient deity?

  • Pretty sure it's implied that Urrigon and the Damphair are praying because Euron sexually abused them. Grim.

  • I wat to see how far Euron can go. He is a great villain ASOIAF deserves.

  • This man is already a god to me

  • He's going to become a god… with a BIG COCK!

  • A random thought: will Book Euron one day meet Book Tyrion? They will have very interesting interactions, since they are foils in many different ways but they also had parallel life experience (kinslaying social outcast with extraordinary intelligence and leadership in exile).

  • If I one day pick up Winds of Winter, I will do it only for following up Euron's master plan.

  • bdubsbdubs

    Author Reply

    I love when you readings from the books. You got such a great and soothing voice imo

  • Funny observation: The word Greyjoy is not said once in this video.

  • The book version I credit with dark and powerful ambition, but the GOT version is just a poncy git with a big mouth.

  • Didn’t the Bloodstone Emperor fancy himself a god/god-king? In many ways he is an extremely close parallel with Euron… To the point where I heard a theory that the Long Night, the War For the Dawn, and maybe even the reign of the Bloodstone Emperor— none of these ancient legends ever happened. That Bran simply went to the past to tell stories about what would come in his time, perhaps to plant the seeds necessary for people to actually believe that the threat of the Others was real so as to prepare themselves (and clearly Euron, like the Bloodstone Emperor of legend, is associated with the coming of the Others, perhaps working to cause it and the Long Night).

    At first I thought this was utterly ridiculous. After all, there would seem to be a lot of reason to believe that these events did happen. The existence of the Wall and the Five Forts of Yi Ti, for starters. But as I thought about how I’d rebut the idea, I found it surprisingly hard to convince myself that it wasn’t a feasible possibility.

    I think the strength of this idea is in how many oddly specific parallel characters are found around the entire world around the time of these legendary events. We have a story about the Night’s King and a story about the Bloodstone Emperor, playing similar roles in inciting the Long Night on opposite sides of the world. We have stories of the Azor Ahai figure being on the eastern Essosi front (the Five Forts) and on the western Westerosi front, and stories about him going by a dozen names. If these legends were based on actual people local to their respective regions, as people present them, then what are the odds of having two “Last Heroes” living such parallel lives (there is no distinction that one of them would’ve killed Nissa Nissa and the other wouldn’t— by all accounts they seem identical, besides their locale). So what gives?

    The Wall and the Five Forts make it seem as though there was some catastrophe that spanned the entire world, and perhaps there was, but it seems just as plausible that Bran warned them of impending events and cautioned them to build these bulwarks. It’s very hard to judge; are the similarities between Euron and the Bloodstone Emperor just GRRM’s poetic approach to “echos” throughout history? As a believer in synchronicity, I enjoy how many such parallels he puts in the books. Is this pair of evil one-eyed blood sacrifice-using mages with the shared ambition to rule, to become gods, and to ensure the Long Night is poetic license? Is a figure playing this role simply necessary to the Others, and therefore someone inevitably always does in advance of their arrival? Or at the similarities no coincidence? It is initially hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that the Yi Tish simply were taught a legend about their own dynastic history when it wasn’t based in reality, but we’re talking about a span of thousands of years; it’s not unusual for ancient civilizations to have their own foundation myths— perhaps this is similar.

    On the one hand, it would be quite a shocking twist. On the other, I think that it would add enormous gravity to a character (Euron) who I’d already consider an unbelievably iconic, sinister, fascinating villain. To imagine that at least one of the world’s most notorious ancient myths is actually a harbinger of what Euron is going to bring about, or could bring about if he is not stopped… That is a possibility worth of his character and the threat he represents, even if it turns out not to be true.

    I also recently heard the theory that the oily black stone (such as the Seastone Chair) is actually petrified Shade tree (the black and blue true from which Shade Of The Evening is derived), which in turn is either a twin species or another variety of Weirwood… This theory provides a lot of extremely fascinating ideas (like that the krakens of legend and numerous mentions of “krakens,” “tentacles,” or “worms” surrounding Euron and other Ironborn are actually referring to the roots or branches of Weirwoods, which we have also seen described in these terms), but one thing I love about it is the parallel that this creates. It seems strongly implied that Bloodraven came to Euron in his dreams as he came to Bran, to try to awaken his latent powers, but that Euron failed (Bran mentions all of the dreamers he sees who failed to “fly” and were impaled on the spikes). Perhaps Bloodraven broke his mind in trying to wake him. Now, having seized the Seastone Chair, Euron may have what amounts to a Weirwood throne, just like that of the Three-Eyed Crow, but black, petrified, connected with the dark side, as it were. In this theory, the Ribs of Nagga are also Weirwood (perhaps the frame of the the legendary Weirwood ship captained by the Grey King). More significantly, in this theory, Aeron sees Euron as “more squid than man” with tentacles on his face in that Lovecraftian Shade vision precisely because in the vision he is merged with the power of the Shade trees/Weirwoods, not unlike Bloodraven, and in that way he is quite literally a god, or one with the Old Gods. Clearly Euron does not quite fully understand what happened to him based on his discussion of the falling/flying dreams, but through his travels he has clearly sought out all kinds of magical artifacts and practices in order to pursue his mad goals. I wonder whether he understands that Shade of the Evening comes from Shade trees and their connection to Weirwoods, and therefore understands that he bears some kind of connection to Weirwoods. We can only wait and see.

    If anyone is interested in the Shade Tree/Weirwood association with krakens and their connection to the Iron Islands, Asshai, and the other instances of oily black stone, I highly recommend the video. The channel is The Disputed Lands, and the video is called “ASOIAF Theory— Shade of the Evening and the Oily Black Stone.” It ties together so many mysteries and plot lines that I am intrigued by— one of the best ASOIAF videos I’ve seen. I recommend it highly.

  • Euron is the ultimate Chad

  • Great Plan…….
    On GoT. No Warlok's, No Horn, Do you think GRRM will forget about all this as well.
    Hmmm.. Maybe at this point its better to stop ASoI&F al-together, an jus leave everything up to Open air speculation & mystrey. Cause if the HBO Show tells us anything its GRRM didnt care enough- to help them conclude anything. An if he did… NO THANK YOU!