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Families With Incest Relatives, What Is It Like? (r/askReddit Reddit Incest)

► Families With Incest Relatives, What Is It Like? (r/askReddit Reddit Incest) – Reddit Stories
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  • My great great grandparents are brother and sister and all of my great grandmas brothers and sister came out blind except for my great grandma and this isn’t incest but my dad had a kid with my moms third cousins so my half sisters grandpa was blind

  • I think need to go buy a bible after this

  • I go to my hometown and my mums like “oh yeah you know that random ass lady that just walked in and you’ll never ever see again? She’s my great uncles sons daughter and she married our neighbour who’s like her cousin” Istg I’m not even joking, I visited our hometown with my family like 6-7 years ago and turns out the girl me and my sisters always used to play with was actually our cousin and we were like wtf and the technician that would come start some machine thingie when the electricity cut was my other cousin
    So confusing mannnn like.. everyone’s related and I don’t know shit
    So like.. everyone is arranged married and literally marry a distant relative
    But imagine this say 80 years ago, cousins would be getting married
    My town is weird and I’m glad I live halfway across the globe from them😌

  • I just want to hug that girl that got sexually abused by her brother…. I can’t fucking believe someone could do that to their own flesh and blood- that’s not even what bothers me, idgaf about incest rn, how can someone sexually abuse another person and call it a day? Like wtf is wrong with you..? I wanna throw up but I wish I could just meet that lady and hug her and tell her that she is loved and not everyone is as horrible as her shithole family and that it gets better, hopefully it’s gotten better for her since she posted that on reddit
    Sending her and everyone that’s gone through such a fucked up situation much much love💜💜💜

  • In many cultures,, cousins marrying cousins is sis very common and it is not considered incest. Most of the time it does not lead to birth defects unless there is a strong genetic tendency towards a particularly genetic problem.

  • Who cares we're all are one anyway. Why would you laugh at them leave them alone 🕉.

  • In Sri Lanka, it is normal to marry your cousins (first, second, etc.) and I think it's the same in a few other countries. But I heard in India it's normal to marry your uncles so that's one thing to take in…

  • Makes me wonder, the more I see people with birth defects or abnormal health related issues, it starts to make me question whether or not they were products of incestual relationships. I do see couple that are well mixed (Asian+Caucasian, Pakistani+Arab etc) and it seems that the kids come out extremely healthy, beautiful and well.

  • JesseJesse

    Author Reply

    13:51 is just dumb there's no incest involved. My uncle became my step dad and my cousins became my step brother and sister and if I marry any of my step cousins they will go from my step bro and sis's cousins to an in law. It's not incestuous and it's not illegal so who cares. The only incestuous possibility would be if I married my step sister she is the only one who is blood related to me. Well the same goes for my step bro but I don't swing that way. It was fun growing up though telling our friends who only knew us as brothers and sister that we used to be cousins ;).

  • Hey i have a story im from a native american reservation and everybody has a big family here and my two cousins who knew they were my cousins but didn't know they were cousins and i was the only one who realised

  • Cousin is not incest tho..

  • Had a few dates with a girl who eventually told me her parents were cousins, but claimed that everything was fine and nothing was wrong physically or mentally with her nor her brothers. She then asked me to find her 3rd nipple.

  • It's common in my culture to marry cousins from your maternal uncle or paternal aunt. And you do not marry your paternal uncle's children.

  • My mother sister married her first cousin. They didn't grow up together so didn't really know each other prior to meeting so that's what everyone clung to. They had one child. Who has issues no one has ever really been able to put their finger on. I suspect there's a bit of fetal alcohol syndrome mixed in there as my aunt apparently drank (and I mean drank. Not the odd glass of wine kind of thing). But there's definitely something else there which we believe is related to the whole being cousins factor. My aunt died when she was very young. Which hasn't helped here. Very strange situation.

  • First cousins have a slightly higher chance of reinforcing a harmful recessive than less related people. Much less risk than a 40-year-old mom has of giving birth to a child with genetic damage. Siblings…If either grandparent has ANY harmful recessives, very high chance of a damaged child. re second cousins. No increased risk. Not a reason to end a relationship.

  • Rotschild's clan marry only cousins to keep the wealth and know how within' the family so… They're the richest people on this planet you've probably never heard of, owning basically every single central bank on this planet (except the one in Cuba, North Korea, and Iran).

  • Anything and everything is all right with me, i really dont care as long as closer than first cousins dont breed.

  • All of Our ancestors at one point in through out history had first cousin marriages, it wasnt uncommon at all. Birth defects from first cousin marriages only become high risk if its be done generation after generation after generation. If there was alot of mixture through generations and didnt happen often, the increase of birth defect would only increase from 3 -6 % to 4 -7%. I do not condone incest but simply stating facts. Thats why some off springs come out just fine. Go research see for yourseld

  • So if the great-grandfather was never caught…how do they know he did it?

  • The state of Kentucky has just entered the chat.

  • Incest is disgusting, people are fucked in the head

  • Y'all should look up Charles 2nd of Spain

  • The actual risks on defects when you are cousins is very small already, so it is no surprise many stories about cousins.

  • Just want to point out that half was tragic and some were cousins, and the town had a some population 3 times.

  • My aunt is married to her first cousin, so my uncle in law is also my cousin, meaning their kids are both my 1st cousins and second cousins, I think? It’s fucking weird man, but no one talks about it anymore.

  • I bet all these families were white ppl!! Love how whites judge other race but never take a look at their family tree and realize they have a generation or two of incest smh

  • Pakistan is a country founded on incest. Those motherfuvkers really love fucking other family members. Its gross but normalized just because people dont mention it but everyone knows

  • I cant read it when it's like "my great grandfather's half brothers sister married her uncle sister in laws cousins nephew" and how is that even incest that's like 3 families right there

  • i got dumber just listening, my head started to hurt. trying to understand what was going on …. my uncles sisters moms sister's daughter. what

  • Seriously now…. Given today's standards (and understand me correctly, I'm not saying that I'm against those.) we, in all likelyhood, all have incest and pedophiles in our ancestry. I'd even go as far as wondering if humans might not have been extinct without it. People in small and isolated communities still are very much closely related and the gene-pool there may not make your ankles very wet. Doesn't make it any less objectionable, but there you have it.

  • Ask any bible-belter. If we all originate from Adam and Eve, are we not all products of incest?

  • Thousands of Years ago, the entire human race was reduced to THIRTEEN individuals.


    Were all fucking related…

  • ThageThage

    Author Reply

    Alabama: the Reddit Thread.

  • Pretty much everyone where I live is like 8th cousins if you do the math.

  • Dated a girl , her family divorced she moved away , starting dating another girl , turns out shes girl 1's secret half sister , same dad dif moms. Birthdays 2 weeks apart.

  • RiriRiri

    Author Reply

    Isn't it illegal to marry a first cousin though? So how did all these people manage to get past the courts lol why did no one in the office stop them????

  • Good question to ask people from Wisconsin.

  • My own parents are 3rd cousins, and didn't know until they went to introduce one another to the family. They'd both agreed that had they been any closer related, they would've stopped the relationship. I have Asperger's, which is already a gene in mum's side anyways since her sister's daughter has autism as well, and my sister has ADHD/ADD. But we're both pretty friggin normal outside of that.

  • Now this is crazy: twins having a normal, healthy family and not finding out they're twins until they got tested for organ donation. Geez, talk about immense amounts of luck.

  • Wrong turn

  • My first cousin's parents are related. My uncle married his aunt and had 5 kids.

    3 of them have mental problems and the other two seem to be ok.

    Fortunately, one of my cousins married someone outside the race, so that's good.