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FE Heroes Reddit Continues! 👺 Memes & Art Galore! | FEH Reddit #2 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

Oi, it’s been a bit since the last FEH Reddit Check!

It’s officially summer now and so we’re going to get some good memes and art! Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit has actually been really busy lately. :O

Anyways, this time I’m joined by IP Cool and MadCrash!
★Fire Emblem Heroes★
I make lots of Fire Emblem Heroes videos and have been for a long time now. They’re on a huge variety of things from standard things to Summons and Arena to FEH news, Hero Reviews, and more! Check them out below! 😀

➤ Me be Social:
NNID: Nimious
Switch ID: 1693-8646-1402
Arknights: Nimious#2785
Azur Lane: Nimious (Server: Avrora)
Azur Lane Guild: The Nimdom – Fleet ID: 67111305
Dragalia Lost: 8981 2651 484
Fate/Grand Order: 659,734,788
Fire Emblem Heroes ID: 2914064606
Langrisser: Nimious (Server: Baldea)
➤ Check us Out!
Twitter: @NimiousSSB
#FEH #Reddit #FireEmblemHeroes


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