Film Theory: We Solved Community's Final Mystery! (Community)

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With all this unexpected free time on my hands, I’ve started rewatching some of my favorite shows. One of those is, of course, Community. Thanks, Netflix! Community is a show of many long running gags and hidden jokes, most of which were resolved by the end of the series. One of the biggest unsolved Easter Eggs of the whole show is the secret identity of the ACB – the You-Know-What Bandit. Who is this masked jokester? Is it the ever loveable Abed? Everyone’s favorite Dean? Who can’t we trust? Today I am putting on my detective hat ro nab this perp once and for all!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



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  • It was Troy It can't be, Troy was cracked Abed figured out it was Troy but instead of turning him in, he helped his best friend by cracking him to throw off suspicion The cracking stopped when Toy left to sail around the world with Toby Annie acted strange when questioned about ACB because she also had figured out that it was Troy

  • This is good and all but i dont know why Jeffs comment in a earlier episode wasn't mentioned. . . . . . "I gave a quarter to a dirty bum earlier today" . . . . . and also Jeff is a crazy lair. I have always thought it was Jeff. Also as the last episode (and other episodes) showed Jeff uses Abed tactics to further plots and refers to be on a "show" to help a plot along. . . .

    But this is my thoughs on it.

  • What about when Duncan gets cracked and calls out "get Britta!" Could that be him calling her out as the ACB instead of because he likes her? I agree that the height pretty much excludes her from consideration but I keep thinking there's something to that line.

  • Wasn't really interested in the show til I saw who played hickey

  • “We’re cracking the identity of-“
    “It’s Annie. Saved you 20 minutes.”

  • I just finished Community today and I’m not ready to move on yet. I’m trying to find all the content I can, I’m still fully immersed.

  • AA

    Author Reply

    great you britta'd community

  • What if there is no one person what if it's just a trend that died out only to slowly become popular again.

  • I think Annie’s scene with Duncan in his office exonerates her as the ACB. She seemed genuinely scared of Duncan when she was in his office. Duncan was completely oblivious to her fear so she had no reason to fake being scared. My theory is that Annie eventually found out off screen that Abed was the ACB and that’s why she had such a suspicious reaction in the last episode.

  • ITS ALEX!!

  • Is the show all made up by Abed’s imagination? What if everyone is fake and Abed is just a loner who creates fictional characters to make his own show

  • Is the show all made up by Abed’s imagination? What if everyone is fake and Abed is just a loner who creates fictional characters to make his own show

  • that opening was streets ahead. seriously, as one of those hardcore community nerds that have been watching since the first episode – there were some excellent deep cut jokes in there. best show ever? no. futurama ftw. second best show ever? yep. one time i met dan harmon and within 30 seconds we were having an argument about the merits of gremlins 2. it was everything i could have hoped for. a part of me secretly hopes that the portugese gremelins joke was based on that conversation, even though i highly doubt it. i'd be on the side of the separatists.

  • It checks out.

  • Can you please cover the movie, the willoughbys, I wanna hope to god there not incestuous but im not the only one that thinks this right, please get to the bottom of this.

  • I’m still under the belief it was Annie or Britta

  • Another thing, the phone call to the Dean talks about Annies and Jeffs relationshio, he says that they chase him around to get closer (abed lives with Annie) right after he says get a room (jab at Annie to move out)

  • What is their are multiple

  • I feel like its Annie cause the evidences against were really weak

  • It has been pierce all this time

  • They literally said that she was the one and yet you're trying to deny that which is kind of weird oh so your physical appearance bookshelf thing is completely corroborated by the fact that none of the actors even the one that you're claiming actually went to that scene in end dressed up in that cat claw stuff so obviously no one is that tall except for him what ruins your whole Theory all together

  • I always thought it was Shirley and her 2 kids.

  • i watched this video before i even knew what the show was and its the video that got me to start watching the show.

    so now that i finished the show, i’m rewatching this episode just in honor of how this is what got me into the show haha!

  • What other ways are there to write a lowercase M? Also, thanks for opening the awesome world of community to me!

  • community is so underrated

  • Mat pat you should make a Scranton strangler episode

  • Honestly the fact that the story mirrors a crime drama at all is the best evidence it's Abbed.

  • Cracking isn’t mundane bro

  • I always thought it was more than one person. Like all of the suspects were doing it and the ACB is more of an idea

  • I just discovered and binged all 6 seasons. Lots of lost sleep this past week…

  • Binged the entire series to watch this theory
    My theory was that it was all a conspiracy and the entire study group was in on it, profiting from the event

  • Troy was the acb and he faked his cracking

  • 12:21 She Britta’d it.

  • I think that the criminology professor was ruled out too early. The show references that the background characters know they are in the background and that the story rarely uses them and focuses on the main characters so it is very likely that he was aware of Jeff and Annie. The second person I think that we're ruling out too early is Todd. Todd is aware of being a background character, he also dislikes the school and the group so it would give him a motive for the crime. Todd was in the military so it is likely that he is well trained in stealth and is pretty athletic.

  • At first I read “we solved communism”