France's Worst Foreign Legion | A Fustercluck in Post Scriptum: Plan Jaune

Cheers to the Post Scriptum devs for dragging all of us anti-social streamers together and giving us an early look at the game. Was great fun – and you can find the new, free update here:

Honestly I really really enjoy Post Scriptum when you’ve got the numbers. Feels like an ArmA operation without the 30 hours of effort to set it up.



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    And also SQUIRE

  • This guy is so much like Womble he found his own Digby

  • You revived Nano first. I subscribe.

  • The only French unit that was more dangerous to their own side than the Boche.

  • whats the music at the church scene where they nade them?

  • Digby's driving is the real Heresy here.

  • Just want to have soviet and his gang with rimmy and the cadian xxth,nano and ray,nordern and his gang

  • 8:14 F

  • This at truck was dumb as far back as RUSE and it's dumb now. I love it

  • You guys are Blackadders of Youtube))

  • 8:13 Wow, that's brutal!

  • Not too sure why he said 35t as the germans didnt field them in france i dont think

  • Need another Nano + Rimmy Videos

  • ColkColk

    Author Reply

    This is the worst fake french accent I've heard so far xD

  • French trucks can only drive backwards

  • your voice sounds like a goose

  • I'm french and that's vidz was so cringe and so fucking funny at the same time

  • I think Rimmy has committed more war crimes than any war gamer i've seen…

  • 6:20 Not trying to be a history nazi (or however the heck you say that), but that is Panzerkampfwagen 38 (t), also known as LT 38

  • baguette-truck

  • Digby drives like a true servant of The Emperor.

    …right at the enemy.

  • 8:01 For those who want to know the song, that's the intro theme to a comedy show called "Allo allo" which consists of a bartender, his wife, his mother in law, his female employees in a mess with the french resistance during a world war 2.

    I recommend to watch it since it's a good old show.

    Moment I heard the fucking tune… XD

  • So this is why the french lost.

  • Nano, Rimmy, Nordern, Soviet and Bokoen1 in one game would be the most ambitious crossover in history and better than Avengers Endgame.

    Change my mind

  • 5:22 Whups, sorry. Commissar instincts kicked in.

  • “Le duke (pronounced douche by Rimmy) boys, were at it again” now correct my year 8 C graded french if I’m wrong but it sounded like Rimmy just called them the shower boys 😂😂

  • 3:06 just like the scene in Full metal jacket

  • Ray is gay

  • 8:22 Seeing this from Nano's perspective makes this even better

  • 1:08 * Insert very panicked , very British noises *

  • Why not play as the French or Germans in 1916?

  • Nani? Rimmy and Nano my favorite youtubers in the same game?!

  • "are you talking about desertion?" proceeds to get his skull separated from his body lmao, made me laugh so hard

  • Rimmy is spy tf2

    Oh no he's gonna backstab us

  • "Are you talking about desertion?"

    I prefer the term 'selective battlefield participation' myself.

  • 8:27 And here we see Digby and Rimmy act as if they are in Girls und Panzer

  • PLan JAUne ….mmmmh this accent is so good

  • Rimmy trying to speak french allway made me laught at least he learn my language bit by bit XD

  • it's not free idiot

  • "If we stay here, we won't die." Yeah, they couldn't hit an Elefant at that range…

  • 6:57 what video was he referring to?
    I know what video he was referring to

  • 8:51 what the battle of France was like, for the Aussie

  • I like how no one caught the “Le duke boys are at it again.” Nice

  • More racist post scriptum frenchmen please

  • They didn't find it suspicious that all the Germans were standing at a safe distance?

  • This sums up the army of France in ww 2