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Fresh Oyster Mushroom Paayasam -Tamil Thangam Mushroom Farm – 9884665127.

Titile: Fresh Oyster Mushroom Payasam Recipe-Tamil-Thangam Mushroom Farm-9884665127

This Video Contains How to make “Fresh Oyster Mushroom Payasam” with relevant
ingredients for tasty and healthy Recipe in your Home. Please watch the video
thoroughly without skipping for fully easy understanding. Don’t forget to
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Requirement of Ingredients (Aproximate only)

1.Fresh Oyster Mushrooms-100 Grams(Primary Item)
2.Country Jaggerry – 100 Grams(Secondary Item and Necessary (Alternates: White sugar, Normal Jaggerry)
3.Green Cardamom – 2 to 3 Nos (Attional/Optional for smelling and healthy purpose)
4.Cashew Nuts – 20 Grams(Secondary Item and Necessary)
5.Cloves – 2 to 3 Nos. (Attional/Optional item for smelling and healthy purpose)
6.Saarai Paruppu (Lentil) – 3 to 5 Grams (Additional/Optional items for healthy and Tasty Purpose)
7.Almonds – 5 to 10 Grams (Additional/Optional items for healthy and Tasty Purpose)
8.Coconut Milk – 100 ML (Compulsory Item for Tasty and Healthy)
9.Cow Milk – 100 ML (Additional/Optional items for healthy and Tasty Purpose)
10.Cow Ghee – 30 to 40 ML Approximately (Secondary Item and Necessary)

The above item could be serve atleast 4 to five numbers in the family approximately.

We hope that; the above video is useful to you…

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