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Genghis Khan – The Rivalry of Blood Brothers – Extra History – #2

When Temüjin needed help to find his kidnapped wife, Börte, his blood brother and friend Jamukha came to his aid, and the two eventually combined their camps and families. But peace would not last long…
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  • Jamukha was fighting to maintain tradition and the aristocracy. Temujin was a radical who cared more about the quality of his followers’ character than their heredity. A rivalry between blood brothers had begun.

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  • He had such a romantic love life for someone who invaded half of Eurasia

  • 7:12 what the hell, that's so funny 😆

  • Take a shot every time Dan says “steppe”

  • So this is where valve got the war updatecomic idea!

  • "at the age of 19…" while Temujin has a huge fucken moustache and beard, especially for an asian.

  • 05:40



  • Fascinating as always, love seeing where these great figures of history originate from.

  • Game of Thrones? Take a seat, the story of Genghis Khan is better

  • 0:52



  • 6:19 for all you YuGiOh fans….time wizard

  • do osman gazi

  • -Hashiramaaaa -Madaraaaa
    -Naaaartoooo -Saaaskeeee
    -Temuuujeeen -Jamukhaaa

  • Self isolation got me binge watching these history videos.

  • Actually they did take his mom

  • I have trouble with Genghis. On one hand, he valued merit rather than birth, didn't force his religion on people, and took this kid as his own. On the other, he killed alot of people and his defition of happiness is pretty much watch his enemies suffer terrible deaths. So, yeah I don't know where to lean with him.

  • "At the age of 19.."
    Wait hold up-WHAT?!?!?!?!

  • Ah, yes, the tragic story of Hashirama and Madara Temujin and Jamukha

  • Temujin is a zoomer and januka is a boomer

  • S SS S

    Author Reply

    Here comes the mongols

  • "they swore their friendship in a public ceremony with their followers as their witnesses" 👀

  • Jamukha and Temujïn's Wedding was gorgeous! Oprah was there. Too bad it ended just like any other marriage.

  • Why did Jamukha’s followers turn to Temujin?

  • 2020

  • Who else really loves Hoelun?

  • Sorry, I was gonna keep this in, but…

    Those horses are so adorable!

  • JPJP

    Author Reply

    7:11 so he basically said, I'll take the Ferrari and you can take the Dodge Ram

  • From best friends to sworn enemys that want power

  • Nobody:
    Literaly nobody:
    Ong Khan's pin: OK

  • I love your video's keep the good work.

  • Temujin and Jamukha are like Riou and Jowy in Suikoden II…

  • Hoelun be like:
    Aww sh*t here we go again”