God Of High School: Quick Thoughts/ Review

The God of High School? A Martial Arts Webcomic become Anime that has been taking the world by storm with its Martial Arts animation. But How well does it hold up? Today I discuss this new series.

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  • What did you think of God of High school?
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  • If I wanted to watch an anime about suiyryo from one punch man, I'd watch the scene where the monsters annihilate him on repeat

  • it just going to get better and better

  • Avoid comment sections and discussions. Watching this fresh will be a ride.

  • Could you do a Warhammer 40k video? I know the Adeptus Asartes are pretty superhuman. Just a question. You rock though keep it up!!!

  • That sneaky Akemi at 3:14 was 😙👌. So I wasn't the only one who thought that! Lol

  • Oh… you like martial arts..well you're definitely going to enjoy…like…some of the first season

  • "There are no accidents" – master oogway

  • Dunno if you'll get this but, could you react to the hand to hand fight between Kogami and Makishima (Psycho Pass)?

  • You should make. A would that work out video on Abby from the last of us 2.

  • Hitori no Shita has amazing martial arts

  • I have read this ever since I was in highschool. I love this so much cause it really captured the power of each martial artists

  • Even though they all get more things than martial arts, that remains the core of the series. What I love best is that most of them are real martial arts, and many of the attacks are the actual moves from the martial art. Lots to break down for you in this series!

  • Nal 7Nal 7

    Author Reply

    Just to let you know some or all of the characters have cauliflower ears which i love goh (god of highschool) for

  • Mel _Mel _

    Author Reply

    You should do a Mirko from My Hero Academia tough like the toonz

  • Call him mori so you dont trigger people XD

  • I read the webtoon 🙁

  • I wanted to read the manga but I didnt get to it

  • I only found the intro weird it felt like a song out of a payday 2 heist

  • waaaay more than throwing hands lol you'll soon learn in a good way

  • Yup he gets it when it comes to throwin hands naruto get the best fights in anime too many and too much quality

  • JeroJero

    Author Reply

    I will give it a go it sounds like it will be a cool anime to watch. 😁