Great Northern War – A Good Plan – Extra History – #2

Augustus the Strong was determined to prove his might by defeated Charles XII on the battlefield. He gathered his Polish-Lithuanian forces, met the Swedes, and proceded to… lose. And lose. And lose. Then he got deposed and started a civil war which of course he also lost.
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  • The wrath of Charles XII was now aimed directly at Poland-Lithuania. But their leader had a plan! ..A terrible plan.

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  • Me (who's name is Augustas): Once I was a king.

  • Swedew: invade russia
    Winter:What up bud
    Swedew: oh no

  • Do the war of the spanish succession !

  • What year did this take place?

  • Losing: …
    Augustus: It's free real estate.

  • What was the goal of Augustus's "keep losing" strategy?

  • What I’m getting from this video is that the Swedish are modern day vikings

  • The only thing more powerful than Charles XII is the sarcasm…

  • [¿…^●^…¿]

  • Charles XV

  • In 1697 polish "szlachta" (warrior landowners) have elected for its king some Italian Duke – Di Conti. But polish Magnates ( wealthy landowners of huge estates) wanted their own king so they just elected this August of Saxony and proclaimed him king while Di Conti was on his way to Gdańsk by sea. A coup of state more or less. Szlachta didn't want a Civil War so they just accepted…. even if that mean that political traditions have just been annihilated.
    Long range consecuace of that was in my opinion disappearance of Polish State in 1795.

  • 4:26 losing has been too complex

  • BraxoBraxo

    Author Reply

    The swedish are tough as hell

  • PLC in 16th century >>>>>>>>>>>>>> PLC 200 years later

  • Charles XII is my boy

  • J U S T K E E P L O S I N G

  • I can't tell if the part about Poland Lithuania is meant as an insult or they literally just decided to intentionally lose the war.

  • I'm Lithuanian and that is baddest and shamest war in our history.

  • Ahh I see the Swedes went full space marine: Innovative + Quality and Swedish Ideas for 50% infantry combat ability.

  • Now i knew why the Swedish don't want to join WW2

    They knew its gonna be an easy win

  • it's pronunced Karl with a K, Like C in can, not charles

  • "Both [Augustus and Peter] were unusually tall, strong and able to consume copious amounts of alcohol. So when they met, they engaged in a several-day-long bout of binge drinking punctuated with cannon-shooting and bare-handed-horseshoe-breaking contests. And, while they were at it, they also decided to wage war against Sweden. A coalition of Saxon, Russian and Danish forces attacked the mighty Baltic empire soon afterwards. But, like many other drunken ideas, it didn't go exactly as intended…"

    Check this blog post out for a different perspective on the Great Northern War — as well as the history of a popular dessert, allegedly invented by the Charles XII's puppet king of Poland.

  • And in Germany Augustus of Saxonia is called August the "strong"…
    Edit …So is Peter too, but I never heard of the Swedish King before. Who was definitely more daring.

  • Can’t believe he just got shot

  • Gab JGab J

    Author Reply

    Augustus… the Medieval era version of New York Knicks.

  • I didn't enjoy this episode to be honest. The way you described Polish strategy is just a mocking conjecture and it doesn't bring any historic insight at all. I'm sure they had a reasonable strategy, it's just that it didn't work in the end.

  • OMG. Everyone please report Augustus for intentional dying

  • the swedish will is still alive atleast in the south