Greenwood's Good But Saka's A GOAT | Biased Premier League Show Ft. Troopz

Greenwood’s Good But Saka’s A GOAT | Biased Premier League Show Ft. Troopz

In this show Robbie reviews and previews Arsenal matches, with his guest Troopz. In his unique style, Troopz brings the best banter, always with an Arsenal bias. Today, Troopz lauds Arsenal’s excellent win over Wolves and is Saka better than Greenwood.

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  • Greenwood is better 👈 left footers have always been Better footballers

  • Greenwood is at another level. He is good at his position

  • Come back when saka scores more goals than Greenwood… Greenwood is more impactful than saka…

  • Are you mad saka better than greenwood? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 greenwood is another level

  • yeah laca murdered leicester allright hahahaha

  • Utter nonsense in the title.

  • Saka a goat lol deluded as usual man only in AFTV. Mason pisses all over Saka and the rest of Arsenal youngsters. Greenwood has 16 goals and Saka has 1 prem goal lol please don't compare. Saka good but not in Greenwood level the man has no weaknesses and no weak foot.

  • Over confident and deluded as usual troopz u didn't beat Leicester and now u sit 8 points behind united with only 4 games left. Nobody can take that potential champions league 5th place from us now. Only team close to us are Wolves who are 6th but still 6 points behind us. We will have to drop points in 3 games out of the last 4 games left which will never happen as are goal difference is 26+ and Wolves are on 8+ Arsenal, Tottenham, Sheffield and Wolves are all out of the champions league next season lol

  • Robbie needs to stop encouraging this guy. He celebrates like he put the ball in the net himself.

  • Just back to say LOL

  • Greenwoods weakest foot is better than Saka on his strongest. Whatever Greenwoods weakest foot is.. exactly!

  • Deluded Troopz: Saka better than Greenwood
    GREENWOOD: hold my left foot.. oh wait, or is it my right?

  • Greenwood has scored 8 goals and Saka 1…. hmmmmmm

  • Saka is not on Greenwood level,

  • Part 2 was a fail. I like how troopz taking credit for something he had nothing to do with. 🤣

  • LOOOOOL IS A JOKE ? I mean I’m a Arsenal fan but greenwood is genuinely another level !

  • Greenwood has 15 goals for Utd this season that too after making most of his appearances as a sub, do you losers even know the meaning of Goat ? This is why arsenal is just a mid table useless club .

  • I agree an arsenal great is a low bar to reach so, yhh

  • I think greenwood is the better player but personally if I could take one at Liverpool it’d be saka

  • A-y OA-y O

    Author Reply

    Caribbean's are always jealous of Nigerian footballers that have option to play for Nigeria.

  • This channel is joke, Saka is a GOAT like are these clowns out of their minds. These fools are main culprits to force Wenger out and put the club in a position they are now.

  • Mason greenwood is better then saka come on tropzz saka is ass compared to greenwood

  • Fact is as a united fan id love to have Saka and Arsenal fans would love to have Greenwood. Both elite young talents and playing different positions

  • As a united fan, i love this channel😂their reactions are priceless

  • Kmt am a Chelsea fan and that boi greenstick because man a yawd man so yyy fe wood business but the youth a genna

  • This shithole of a channel does not represent the majority of arsenal fans, these men will say anything for views and cash

  • People comparing a ST who has played a few good games and has scored more goals to a player who has played most of the season as a LB! Might as well start saying Greenwood has more goals then Alison so that makes him better

  • Aubameyang is the only player in arsenal you should compare to Greenwood… Arsenal fans are always deluded… No wonder they are where they are😂😂

  • Greenwood is more complete player then saka,,

  • Robbie still the meme king tho😂😂

  • Delusion at its finest. Title alone pissed me off. No wonder people laugh at these clowns!

    Saka not even good enough to tie greenwoods laces

  • Saka is who?

  • UdacoUdaco

    Author Reply

    Greenwood is very good at finishing. Saka is very good at assist. Playing both of them in the same team with Sancho should terrorize any team.

  • Saka ain't even better than Alphonso Davies

  • Saks goat? Hahaha probably in your head only Troopz

  • LOL

  • Deluded bastards

  • WHO are questioning whether being deluded may be a symptom for covid 19 after this guy's Saka over Greenwood belief.. someone get this guy tested!

  • Hahaha! Here we go again, another young Arsenal player being built up as THE next big thing. Funny how none of them ever come close.

  • Can’t be wearing an adidas tracksuit with Jordan 1’s Troopz lol

  • When hes played in the right position… I'd rather see Luis in dmf than Saka on the right c'mon man wheres Pepe

  • Still feel that way ? Greenwood top notch

  • Saka can never be better than Greenwood.

  • Greenwood is better than saka