He Plans To Use God Powers To Do WHAT To TABS?

Larry has a new plan, and TABS will never be the same. Now that he has new God Powers…

Huge shoutout to Fern for his hard work!

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  • Glory took the place of helga LOL

  • Maybe glarry is Larry’s sis

  • People:don't play with fire
    Kro:throws a hundred fire balls

  • People: Don't play with fire

  • DJ

  • Hi i have a question what are the controls for god powers please tell me

  • F ZouF Zou

    Author Reply

    Every tabs video on this channel is Do you think our GOD POWERS are strong enough, or GOD POWERS ARE OP

  • 7:53 the executioner left his axe behind 😂

  • Censored! 4:05

  • You should be firing ballista bolts, not spears.

  • just to clarify…yes Glarry was Larry's old wife before they got replaced by Helga i guess

  • Suz WSuz W

    Author Reply

    dude prefect be like : oooooooo mmmmmmyyyyyyy ggggggoooooooddd

  • Wait does the god power mod have custom weapons from another mod?

  • I have a campaign comming today or tommorrow it’s Called THE ONE and Larry is in The campaign so i hope you try it out

  • Suggestion:Meteor Ability With Fire balls!

  • 12:34 kro seid larry helga and benny but he need to say larry glarry and benny LOL

  • kro, where the hell do you get these mods?

    they dont show up in the folder

  • Well now we know that you can do better Spirit bombs and better DBZ attacks. Because you have new God Powers now. And new ways to do with the god powers.


    Author Reply

    12:00 that’s a supernova O_O

  • This video was light ausome

  • they got divorced after he knew about halgas pregnancy

  • They made larry evil whhhhhhhhhhhuyyy

  • Kro you should use the priest to heal ability with a high spread on Larry
    Spoilers (it makes Super Saiyan Larry)
    very cool/ glitchy if you spam in super slow-mo

  • Giant Snake Plz Kro

  • When is your next video

  • Before the king died there was a shadow of a squire that looked like the basketball merch jump

  • Kro Play my Campaign
    NAME: Sam And Larry Adventure

  • He's either cheating, or polyamorous…which, in a way, is still cheeting unless Helga is cool with it. Love the part where you literally make Larry a Castle out of bone. Would that be his potions' doing

  • You should do more dragon ball z because the new god powers

  • Yeet kro ya use bone spell and it’s giant form

  • Make krilin blast using fire ball

  • kro plants three bones spell circles there are ginormous me Holy shit

  • 9:45 what the shit is this

  • hi i just subed you are really cool

  • The King Ambush Glarry and Larry
    Bridge Simulation Map
    Enemy Units
    40 Cho Ko Nu, 20 on both sides of the bridge. 1 Musketeers as The Officers of The Ambush on each side of the bridge. King Taco on the right side of the bridge with 4 Knights in a Box Formation protecting King Taco, General Decker (A Bomb Cannon) and General Hal (Halberd), 2 Cloned Evil Larrys leading 30 Farmers. 20 Archers on left side of the bridge. And 2 Brainwashed Reapers with King Taco. And maybe 15 zombie spitters on each side of the bridge
    Friendly Units on the ground
    (Friendly Units go in middle of bridge.) Glarry (Harvester), Larry, 2 Knights, 4 Squires, and 2 Archers.
    Units Kro may use
    Medieval, no Kings no Catapults. Vikings, no Ice Archers, and no Longships.
    (You may use God Powers when you can't complete it. Also I've been commenting this since the second custom battles you did. Also I have a Campaign! It is called "The War of Larry and Kro" please play it!)

  • Glarry is larrys old wife


  • Oh no that’s bad