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Homemade GREEK YOGURT#Cách làm sữa chua Hy Lạp thành công ngay lần đầu# EAT CLEAN

Greek yogurt is rich in nutrition and good for health. It is rich in calcium and protein. How to make Greek yogurt is also very simple, as I made in the video.

The materials include:
– 1 liter of fresh milk
– 2 jars of yogurt
You can use fresh milk and yogurt haven’t sugar, which is better for your health. However, if you don’t eat yogurt no sugar, use sugary milk like me!

Tools include:
– 1 pot to cook milk
– 1 strainer
– 1 big towel or clean cotton cloth
– 1 large bowl and 1 jar yogurt
– Food wrap film

How to do as in the video I did, you can use a yogurt incubator, or use a fleece blanket or cotton blanket to cover and then put it into a foam box or a baby cupboard, for 6-8 hours. .

Note: The process of splitting yogurt into Greek yogurt should be left overnight in the refrigerator or for at least 8 hours. The longer the water separates, the thicker and softer Greek yogurt.
Wishing you success!
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