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"How did someone ACCIDENTALLY TURN YOU ON?" (r/AskReddit | Reddit stories)

Reddit answers the question- “What’s the accidentally hottest thing done by someone who wasn’t intending to turn you on?



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  • What's the hottest thing you've seen a stranger do?

  • The comments are on 68
    I have to do this.

  • cHOC-A-LiESt

  • Am I the only one who noticed that these are from 3 years ago

  • I'm an aries, and for some reason my coworker decided to nickname me "Little Lamb" and it fucked me up. I didn't realize I needed that and now I have a small void I can't fill.

  • You uh got some content in my ad

  • Talk to meh lol

    Jk I'm the nice one I help people even tho I'm in debt for 1200 ish, I come from a small northern Canadian community. Even help a couple of A'holes bcuz they're fam, doesn't help that I'm a bit of a yes man 🤷‍♂️

  • Well I have this one friend, and whenever she is bored around me she just looks at me and does the cutest face. It litterally melts me, to see her face like that.(before you start about this and that, she's taken)

  • Gonna sound alabama 100 but my stepsister spilled coca cola while we were just hanging out in my room. And licked it off herself. Sorry, i’ll leave

  • In my senior year of high school I was rushing to class when a girl started talking to her friend with her hands. Didn't see it coming but she accidentally hit me right in the dick. I was on the floor in pain. What made it hilarious was she immediately said "ew, followed by, "oh I'm so sorry." Indicating she felt it too. I was too embarrassed to make anything out of that moment and I didn't want to.

    It wasn't a made me horny moment, but hey, it was at least an interaction… 😓

  • Accents really turn me on, when i listen to some random accent wether stereotypical, fake, authentic, or forced it really turns me on
    I used to have this classmate who had this fancy "English", royal, "Hogwarts" demeanor and way of speaking and hearing her, its like hearing only her accent is like a wet dream for me gawd that accent!

  • How is smelling of donuts a turn on?

  • I was having lunch with some friends at a restaurant one day. Our waitress was gorgeous in a small-town, girl-next-door way, and she had the polite mannerisms and southern accent to match.

    As we were getting ready to leave, I pushed my seat back. She was walking past. This kid ran by. She lost her balance and sat right on my lap. Instinctively, I put my arms around her to make sure she was good and didnt fall further. When she stood up, I noticed she was blushing a fierce red.

    2 weeks later, we were back. This time, she had her period. With the uniforms being white bottoms, I decided to hand her my coat and told her to go to the bathroom, and that we'd be fine. Her manager sent her home for the day. We ended up dating for a couple months. Broke it off when she moved back south.

  • A girl bit her lip, didn't even know I liked that

  • Ok, I once had an argument with a girl about a fact on a group project we were doing. The two guys were in the basement while I was upstairs with the girl and we were arguing. I forget what it was about but then she decided to go online and look up the answer and low and behold, I was wrong. However unlike most girls I've known up to that point who are loud and vocal and would tease and chastise me for being stupid, she just smirked and turned away with this smug sense of victory. Next thing I knew my hands were on her butt, she was on the counter and I was kissing her. I pulled back, we were both silent and didn't speak to each other again for two months. She had a boyfriend which sucked but its how I found out my weakness is smug women. Not sassy, not smartass, not loud or rude or abrasive but a smug women gets me harder than any porno in the world.

  • Someone going to say the voice of reddit comments turn them on

  • Someone accidentally hit the light switch and turned me on
    – a lightbulb

  • Use your real voice to narrate these stories. And you'll instantly become better than 99% of all reddit text to speech youtubers.

  • I'm glad this cancer doesn't get millions of views anymore

  • This is not from my perspective but last year in school, we had a swimming class for the swimming competition.
    This girl wore a really. REALLY. Tight swimsuit and everyone liked her, (maybe even I did 👀) so she was a professional swimmer so she was swimming at the deep end and she had to pass all the boys. The side lines are pretty narrow so you might have to squeeze between people otherwise you’ll fall in. So her b0oty accidentally swiped pass this guys ⬇️ and he got a boner. Our teacher asked him to remove his pants because you can’t swim with pants, he refused. Long story short, our teacher forced him and everyone saw what happened. We all knew what activated that. 😔👏🏻

  • Idk what to comment
    great video?

  • Come check out the discord! –

  • You should do a video with your real voice randomly in a video

  • My friend was on a business trip with her colleagues and her boss came up behind her back hugging her and kissing the top of her head, she was confused. Turns out one of the workers had a thing with the boss. Long story short my friend got married to the boss.

  • what is the source of the thumbnail?

  • "In High school i had a female friend that was homeschooled"
    Seems legit to me

  • 3rd comment 22nd like 🙂

  • What is up

  • Yuuuuup!!!!!

  • Gotta respect the Dr. Pepper.