How I passed 4 CPA Exams in 2 MONTHS | secret studying+testing strategies | how to pass CPA fast

Just wanted to share how I was able to pass ALL four CPA Exams in only 2 months with high scores! If you want to learn my secret CPA studying and CPA test taking strategies, watch the entire video on my CPA preparation experience and useful tips!

My CPA exam dates and scores:
FAR: 10/2/2019 – 94
REG: 11/1/2019 – 95
AUD: 11/19/2019 – 88
BEC: 12/9/2019 -96

All exams were taken on my first try within the Q4 2019 testing window.

Some of many CPA materials used:

//Equipments 📸
-Camera used:

-SD card:

//Come say hi!💜


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  • If you have more questions about CPA studying or exam taking, feel free to leave them here in the comment section below! I will try to answer them ASAP or make another video on any topics of your interests! Good luck everyone!

  • NeonZNeonZ

    Author Reply

    Where did you take the exams from?.. Australia?

  • You should make your own exam review website. You probably have a way of understanding and teaching the information that would be helpful for other people.

  • Hey impressed with your achievement. Can you give me some tips for AUD?

  • Hello , I am from India, and I am a CA student, CA is like Indian CPA ,
    Can you please help me that how much money can we make per month after doing CPA.
    Thank you .

  • I'm third grade of accounting uni student in australia. I am expected to be graduated by end of this year. While only two of subject has left to complete my degree, im considering to start preparing cpa exam. But, i have no clue how to access exam resources , such as exam books and relevant lectures etc.

  • I passed the entire exam in 3 days in May, 1986.

  • hello zoe…..this intensive course you did in a very short time puts us al in wonder….congratulations….i am still in doubt with how to puruse CPA canada…can you please detail me…i have a B.comm degee from India and looking forward to CPA Canada….thank you

  • How to pass cpa in 8 weeks…be a super smart asian girl 😊

  • Me: * sophomore * wanting to be a CPA… idk if I can do it

  • What is a eligibility for FAR

  • JacobJacob

    Author Reply

    Step 1: have a genius IQ

  • Even though I am an ACCA student ,I feel like i am a joke compared to you.

  • I took and passed all 4 parts in 1 week. But the preparation took one year. Then it was Monday REG, Tuesday AUD, Wednesday nothing, Thrusday Far and Friday bec. Like that.

  • zoeunlimited You have such a high level of maturity, and wisdom at such a young age. Thanks for the great video.

  • Thank you! You made me regain my focus in studying. 💗

  • If CPA is not cleared , then you have to pay fee again?

  • I realize this is just a pet peeve, but there are not "4 CPA Exams". There is one CPA exam, and it is comprised of four sections.

  • I think the only way you can pass all 4 in 2 month is just to memorize everything. Alot of asians do this throughout K12… pure memorization without comprehension. Try to remember lease types and rules after 3 months from the exam.. lol I dont think she'll know.

  • What order did you take your exams in?? FAR first?

  • Hi, iam motivated for CPA but doesn't know where to start from, could you please help

  • Preparing for CPA December 2020