How to ALWAYS Create the BEST Gameplan! (Special Must Watch)

How to Create a Gameplan in League of Legends!
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  • Ah yes, my favorite Studio Yuraki song cover

  • Kogmaw builds tank, gg ez for him

  • 6:10 Eat a bannana and then walk to mid and fight it out man.

  • RohanRohan

    Author Reply

    Hope there will be a similar video for (mid)laning soon – love the content keep it up! 😉

  • 3:40 wait, isn't warwick team as much AD as the opposite team is AP? Warwick deals mixed damage, but so does Kog.

  • I am just think is this the game i have played for 8 years . ? Modern era chess . Btw i play league for 8 years but still cant convince my mum about game doesnt stop while she is calling me for dinner .

  • bardo!

  • I have tried to play it safe early on, get the counter jungle game going, even tell y teammates what I am going to do. Then my entire team will all perma push their lanes so as to perfectly position to be a gank buffet for the other teams jg. They will fight for any if not no reason as frequently as they can and continue to do so when clearly they are losing each time. After that I'll start getting flamed for "only farming all game". The fact that something like an Ornn believes he can fight a Darius even when three deaths in is my fault even if I am playing kayn and said I would spam gank bot and mid tp get blue(the detail is because its a true story).
    Pretty much if you aren't transcending the limitations of your champion and the game, should need be, in order to get any particular rando on your team ahead with a free lane then you are a trash jungle that has done nothing all game. If you do get someone a free lane and super fed then they prance around in glory all like "yeah I am the carry, all me". Mean while you are a lee sin 3 levels behind struggling to be useful looking like you are bad cause you spent most of the early game getting that person fed… and then that person still throws the game and types "better jungle wins".

  • I always wonder if the people in these example games know they're in the videos.

  • But the game plan in shyvanna game can make other player rage cuz if u will not Gank they might quit hope all the low elos players watched this

  • 3:12 8:07 12:55

  • 1st game. So You blame WW for 28-9 game? All lanes lose so it’s impossible to carry this game. How many games I had with me as jungle best CS and best K/D but my lanes had less than 100 CS in 20min. How many times I countergank bot lane, we got 3 kills, I going back to my jungle or recall, but my bot lane with 100 hp stay on lane and keep farming. Enemy bot back with full HP and new items and kill them easily. And what is on chat??? “REPORT JUNGLE. NO GANK”. That’s why I start play solo lanes. Mid or top. If I lose lane I can blame just myself. Even if I got 1v3 with enemy jungle and roaming mid/top/sup.

  • Wouldnt pushing a wave out after a gank set up a slow push back or no?

  • Game plan for laners next?

  • if anyone listened to their warwick game pls don't they completely wrong about a lot of things in that game smh

  • Now THAT'S and educational video.

  • Amazing topic! I'd love to have more examples to think about and get corrected, as I did quite some mistakes in deciding on the strategys.
    Just some Comps with a short explanation why X is wrong and Y is right, would be perfect (written or video, both are fine).
    Is there such a section on your website?

  • "Just stall the game because they are all ap" while all the ally team is ad and its way easier to build armor than mr

  • 1:00 My teammates never say that I don't feed the enemy team well o_O

  • Add rengar next time please.

  • 4Base4Base

    Author Reply

    i actually stopped watching tihs trash guides since i fall back to plat 1.. when i play like i usually did i do way better than thinking about all these "strats"

  • So the enemy team has Orn-Lulu-Kog and the Warwick game plan is to power farm? Yeah… Clearly a good choice ^^

  • XersyXersy

    Author Reply

    not only helping us improve but giving us the funniest commentary content

  • 8:07 DODGE

  • dont bother signing up to there program waste of money because they just post them all on youtube

  • This video is so great and helpful.
    I would like to add vietnamese subtitle for this video and your others as well. Could you please grant this my account the permission to add subtitles for your video?
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  • What if I dont have enough game knowledge to do these gameplans? 90% of the time I dont know how a lane will play out, if the enemy jg will invade me or not etc

  • What should I do if I am playing a late game jungler like Evelynn but all the lanes are volatile like the third example? By the time I am 6 the game could be over if the enemy jg is ganking a lot.

  • KuroKuro

    Author Reply

    0:57 BARDO

  • Like u said this guide is a loved this concept i will just watch over and over till u guys make another one of it 🙂

  • I just don't understand the last Ezreal game. He ganked successfully but never pushed the lane. Why?

  • God that 12:10 fail gave me goosebumps

  • i dont agree with your teori about the game plan as warwick, yes they were all ap but you were all ad. Enemy team had a big tank – orn and a hypercarry kog + lulu combo. the game plan should be coutergangking bot / camping them so they wont get ahead. If i'm wrong would love to see why

  • the game starts in a couple seconds, and i need to create a checklist… 😅 will try it though

  • Couldn't the shyvana have risked running into the Camille if she countered topside?

    Shyvana did 3 camps and so did Camille.

  • 12:53 it's says thresh support instead taliyah support 🙂

  • This is the greatest tutorial i have ever seen,and i have been watching you for some time. I didn't even play a game with analysing it after and I already feel like im gonna amazingly improve. The way you showed that is just so simple. After you play a game that went bad for you, you just analyse the draft again and see if you executed the gameplan you set yourself from the table you shown.
    It's just so amazing i had to comment.
    You make insanely good work guys. I won't say "keep on doing that" because you obviously will.

  • Is this pro guide?

  • this video is good until you start imagining what if this was a diff champ 10 min into the game. like we start off with a premise of these 10 champs in the game and what you can or cannot do because of that. then after 10 minutes in that game you say what if this was a completely dif champ, well then i wouldve played the first 10 minutes differently as well

  • I dislike how the lower elos get a lot of explanation of what they should do, while the challenger games always seem so simple since there isnt any detail

  • Hey everyone from Skill capped and youtube.

    I wanted to say that I am unsubscribing from your website. I have been a part of your paid membership for the past 2 months and here's what I can say – hopefully you'll change this, but for now I'm subscribing to one of your competitors:

    1. "Browse courses" section very poorly organized
    2. No search bar to search for videos
    3. No way of keeping track of the videos you've watched (like a history, watch later, etc.) unless you scroll down through every single course
    4. Questions unanswered
    5. No notifications tab (to see for example if you've answered my questions, which you didn't)
    6. No way of contacting you whatsoever
    7. Tip of the iceberg: As I said, one of the most frustrating things about your website was the fact that we couldn't contact you in any way at all. Well, there's a feature now where you can send a question but you have to pay for it. Why would I have to pay to ask a question if I'm already a subscriber?

    That's it, hopefully you can improve the website to make it worth subscribing again. There are a lot of great courses, the videos are really good honestly, but sometimes I feel like I'm watching a video about the exact same topic I watched two days ago. I honestly feel like you guys care more about how you look on Youtube than about the quality of your paid website.

  • Game ends 28 kills to 9
    "This Warwick…"

  • ayyy at 13:11 i crossed off counter jungling, power farming, and playing for objectives. i would've been 100% right if camp a lane was viable, wth is the difference between camping a lane and ganking lanes. i would've said camp kassadin especially pre 6

  • 9:33 so you say, counter jungle, but you highlight counter ganking. what is happening here

  • 7:56 who the fuck picks yi top tho

  • gameplan for laners?

  • Hey Skill capped ! Nice video from a jungler sight!
    Do you think there's such gameplan for the support role as demonstrated for the Jungle role ?
    Supports mains like me can't wait to shotcall and carry the game as a midlane or a toplane player =)

  • Bruh I got XD 0/3

  • This video was incredibly informative, thank you skillcapped