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How to Fix Windows is Not Genuine | Remove Build 7601/7600 | 100% Working Windows 7/8/10 | 2020

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Hey ! In this video, I am doing a quick tutorial on how to fix the message saying that ” THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE BUILD 7601″. I really wanted to do this because I myself had this problem for a while and I finally found a proper fix. So, in Windows 7, due to the KB971033 Update, the windows which were not previously original, had this problem, saying this copy is not genuine. I am using CMD(cmd) to solve this. I just type in the code slmgr -rearm in cmd, and that should do the work. I also show you how to fix the problem this limist has been exceed maximum times and also the command is not recognised.

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video: How to Fix Windows is Not Genuine | Build 7601 | 100% Working Windows 7 | 2017
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