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How To Get Your Vietnamese Motorbike License

Getting my Vietnamese motorbike license in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.
A motorbike / motorcycle driving license from your home country or international motorbike driving license isn’t valid in Vietnam. Here’s how to get your Vietnam driving license in Vietnam if you’re a foreigner.

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  • Do you have the contact of the guy?

  • Thanks for the informational video on getting a Vietnamese driving license. Have you ever applied for International Driving Permit for your Vietnamese driving license? If you do, could you please let me know the Convention that Vietnam is signatory to, Geneva 1949 or Vienna 1968?

  • G SG S

    Author Reply

    If u already have a motor bike license an renew in Vietnam is it good for life also.

  • G SG S

    Author Reply

    If u already have a motor bike license an renew in Vietnam is it good for life also.

  • I am not sure where you are getting these prices from. You shouldn't go through an agent. Just bring your license to the Department of Tranasportation and fill out the forms. I did it last weekend. It costs no more than 200,000 dong all said and done.

  • Thanks for the upload. Can you get a Vietnamese license without having one in your home country?

  • Hallo-sir

  • Hi Alex, From what age can you take the written and the driving test? Also, can you do it on tourist visa? Thank you!

  • Hello. Do you know where to get list of questions?

  • Wow you got totally ripped off! I paid 400,000 VND to do my test.

  • Hey! Great video! I have a couple of questions. Can I get a motorbike license on a tourist visa? Also, could you share how to contact the person who helped you out to get the driving license?

  • Could I book this before travelling to Vietnam and then complete the test on the day I land?

  • What about the 1&2 license i wanna buy a sports bike next year they told me i need a 1&2 license for that?

  • Hello, Alex, so would you know where in Ha Noi we would need to go to get a "written and driving" license?

  • How much did you pay for the licence?

  • Can you explain if you need a work visa or business visa to get your driving licence ? Is it possible with a tourist visa / Thank you .

  • Do you know if there is a similar service to help foreigners take the test in Hanoi?

  • I will be visiting VN for a little more than 4 months and have a US drivers license…is it possible for me to obtain a VN motorbike license even though I am on a tourist Visa? Thank you for the great video!

  • This is a really great video Mr. Stevenson, it was very informative with no fluff. This is a great example of “when in Rome please follow the Roman laws,”even though many of the Romans themselves do not. Damn good video, thank you.

  • Congratulations Alex

  • How long did you ride in the country unlicensed? I'll be there next month and didn't plan on getting a license. But I do want to ride… Thoughts?

  • Hello bro
    do you speak vietnamese
    tôi đã đăng kí kênh anh . =}