How to make Custom Video Game Controller Buttons! Nintendo Switch, Sega Saturn, PS4, Xbox, Gamecube

In this video we review the process to cast custom video game buttons at home! We walkthrough the process using a Sega Saturn controller, but the same would apply to anything else, including Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, PS3, PS4, or Xbox 360 / one.

Make sure to read all instructions whe

Here is links to the parts used in the video:
Dremel bits –
Silicon molding –
Clear Casting Resin –
UV paint –
Golf ball Acrylic Case –

Be sure to check the updated version of this video here:

Here are the materials needed for the updated version of this method:

Vacuum Chamber –
Plastilina Clay –
Mold Release –
Epoxy Resin –
Silicon –
Large Measuring cups and stir sticks –
Small Measuring cubs and stir sticks –
Resin Dyes –
Pearlescent powder –
Super Glue with Activator –
Syringes –

Etsy Store –

Music Credits:

Intro song modified version of this:

LOZ Wind Waker Mini Boss –

Sonic Green hill zone –

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