How to Navigate Shenzhen's Sourcing and Manufacturing Wonderland

Shenzhen is the manufacturing center of the world. The side effect of this is an ocean of product markets selling the manufacturing bounty. This is everything from Electronics, to industrial products, garments, injection-molded everything… if it’s being mass produced you can find it here.

That act of finding what you’re looking for is the difficult part. Akiba is an expert in sourcing, customizing, prototyping, manufacturing, and fulfilling your product in the Shenzhen ecosystem. He shares some of his best advice during this talk at the 2016 Hackaday SuperConference.

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  • tough crowd. thanks for the info . LOL 🙂

  • Hi, Im heading to Shenzhen in July. Can you please tell me where the textile wholesale market is that you got rhinestone t-shirts done? thanks

  • is it me, or does it sound like he swallowed a working phone vibrating unit?

  • Do the Shenzhen Tours for women already exist? If yes, how can I register?

  • Fantastic talk

  • Hello! Where exactly is the "Dofu" Industrial Market for wholesale and customization located in Shenzhen? Thank you!

  • Where is dofu industrial market located?

  • You know where the monies at in China? PLASTIC! To hell with sellin this crap. Make the crap.

  • Uh I like uh saying uh to like my costumers

  • Chinese semiconductor is top ( Toshiba,on semi etc) company logo outside ,cheap low quality Chinese semiconductor die inside. buyer believes he/she buys horse but actually he/she buys dying old donkey.

  • Thanks for explaining how everything from China is sent for free. Nifty…

  • Wow, this talk really changed my views of Shenzhen the whole medium scale manufacturing game.

  • I am a native Chinese and i created a channel focused on unboxing review Chinese products, we uploaded 15 episodes already, pls come and check out!

  • thanks

  • Great info, thank you. worst public ever

  • Good talk. Very interesting.

  • Track-ID pls for the music @ 33:00

  • Ratko likes green tea.

  • Great info! Where can we get the typical 2 hour talk? 🙂

  • he might be a very good engineer and its a very interesting subject but the presentation element of this video needs a lot more work.

    Play at double speed to look at the pictures or move on, nothing worth seeing here.

  • Video should carry the same title as the article. This video tells you nothing in terms of How to Navigate Shenzen's Sourcing + Manufacturing.