How to Pass the CPA Exam in 6 Months

The CPA Exam is notoriously challenging. There are four sections (FAR, REG, BEC, and AUD) that must all be passed within a single 18-month window. Each exam section has mountains of content that could be tested on the exam, making it one of the toughest professional examinations to pass. In fact, the national pass rate, according to the body that oversees the exam (AICPA) is just around 50% each year. Adding to the challenge is that many CPA Exam candidates study for the CPA Exam while they are working full-time at accounting firms, which can have very demanding schedules, particularly during the busy seasons. It’s not at all uncommon for candidates to lose credit on one or more parts that they have passed because they run out of time to study and pass the other parts within the 18-month window. And there’s nothing more frustrating that losing credit for an exam that you already passed after perhaps studying hundreds of hours.
Surgent CPA Review’s experts have come up with a game plan that makes it feasible—and quite reasonable—to pass all four sections of the CPA Exam within six months. In this detailed webinar, Paul Wiese (who has 20 years of experience working with CPA Exam candidates), describes how you can plan your CPA Exam testing strategy effectively and work the plan to success.
During this archived webinar, Paul will explain: which CPA Exam section you should take first, how to work with CPA Exam testing windows, study plan considerations including how many hours you will need to study each week, learning styles that work with various CPA Review courses, the ins and outs of the application process and actually taking the test at a Prometric testing center, the components of each exam (including how many sims and MCQs to expect on each part), and much more.
Paul will also briefly address how Surgent CPA Review’s adaptive learning technology can help CPA Exam candidates achieve this testing timeline much more easily.
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