How to Plan a Homebrew D&D Campaign | Making a Homebrew Campaign Ep.0

The Homebrew Campaign Playlist: Making a Homebrew Campaign:

Welcome to a new series where I’m going to be making a new homebrew campaign setting from scratch and taking you along every step of the way.

In this primer episode I talk about the sort of planning you should do *before* you start creating so that you can make the best campaign possible!

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  • I honestly have trouble getting started on campaigns but once im started. I'm fine

  • the fact that he continues to respond to comments and keep up with his community even in his older videos is great

  • Is there a episode 1? this is really helpful!!!

  • Just started playing! I definitely want to make a short home brew and I’m pretty creative so making the storyline, writing, map, etc. is easy to me. My difficulty right now is the numbers in this game. I have created my own enemies and weapons with unique abilities and what not, but idk what stats to give these enemies/weapons to make them fair to the players. I don’t want a small enemy to wipe everybody out, but I also want to present a fun challenge. Any suggestions, or links to good videos?

  • in my latest homebrew world I have the villian, the ending, where the characters start, and what needs to happen for them to defeat the villian, the rest is up to how the dice falls and what the players choose

  • I got a group that wants a Dragon age style campaign and world.

  • dnd is amasing

  • this is gold. thanks very much old boy!

  • I think one of the issue I'm running into, is "how to introduce the "main plot" to the characters". I've started DMing Waterdeep and soon moving into Mad Mage, but I had a very deep spark of creativity and have all of these "notes" of things I might or might not want to have happen, location information and stuff like that…but then I realized there isn't really a way to introduce it to the characters in such a way that it either isn't giving away everything about whats going on, or making it feel natural like the players discovered it and it wasn't attached to an arrow and shot at the players.

  • I was literally about to comment saying hopefully you’ve got a new mic

  • just make every chest a mimic and call it good. hell, also make all tavern chairs mimics too.

  • So, I could make a campaign about anything? Like…… not just aliens or fantasy creatures. But like…idk for instance Greek based idk

  • Do you have a link to your Valoroth pdf?

  • I made a twist ending where a crack in time formed and the weave was damaged.

    As a twist BBEG I explained how the weave pulled alternate versions of our 5 party members as dopplegangers.

    Both parties sense what they must do, if duplicates were to exist in one universe for too long it may harm the weave.

    Both parties realized their fates and fought to the death,
    I had to use their spare character sheets for info,
    I buffed up the dopplegangers a little but the original party used brilliant tactics to defeat them.

    How could I of made this a little harder and worth their time?

  • episode 0

  • You deserv better

  • Its so bad that you only have 5.200 subs

  • Nice video
    Thank you so much man

  • The hardest part for me is the creating the ending part first. Even when just creative writing I just write my stories on the seat of my pants rather than outline every important detail. For me as a GM there's nothing more disheartening than trying to railroad my players especially if they're having fun derailing. Plus it's a great way to work on your improv ability.

  • Great video man!

  • I have no Idea what your accent is, it sounds like a brit moved to america for 10 years of his life and then moved to australia.

  • Anyone wanna make a stranger things campaign cuz I am!

  • I liked this video. I hope you replaced your smoke detector battery, while listening to it I had to go check my own.

  • I feel like Discworld is a good balance of whimsical and dark.
    Thanks for uploading! 🙂

  • a world where rare monsters are actually kind. /mythical monster races homebrew, because i wanna be a beholder/

  • Awesome

  • Great advice mate

  • Nice video 🙂