How To Play PIRANHA PLANT – A Starter's Guide | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A complete breakdown and guide for how to play Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is a WEEKLY series, so let me know in the comments below which character you want to see next week. Subscribe if you’re new!

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  • Who should we cover next week?

  • 2 letters: ty


  • It’s got super armor, AND super armor??

  • 2:13 the prickly swing you can't charge it if you hold it.

  • I have a question, If you get the amiibo will you unlock him or can you only train him?

  • Did anyone notice the he talked about down b super armor twice?

  • You forgot his best move. His ledge trap 😳

  • I'm a strict Samus player. But now I have Piranha plant as my secondary.

  • Thanks

  • I know this vid is a year old but the up b can stage spike if you hug the stage while the enemy is caught in it

  • I wish the Down+B move would grab ledges. Would make the character a lot better if against someone who has 500+ hours, as a somewhat noob.

  • Bro who thinks the piranha plant is cute XD and I hate likes -_-

  • 6:26 coronavirus

  • In my opinion piranha plant is more of a technical character that uses the arials, the poision clouds ans patooeis to limit the opponent's range of movment

  • Sometimes I use the spike ball and let it hover, then when someone attacks me it will drop on them. I've ko'd like that and it makes my friends mad xD

  • I got the banjo kazooie dlc. love it

  • 2:05
    you may now kiss the bride

  • Thank, i don’t speak english verry good but that was so useful

  • "One if the most iconic enemies"
    Goomba: am I a joke to you

  • isabelle

  • From 1:27 to 1:30 i literally cried from laughing so hard LMAO

  • When you just want to be a mean green mother from outer space.

  • 0:14 pause it

  • I really like a to throw them up and use down B. It can easily kill at high percentages

  • Here’s a good killer move: while your opponent is grounded, and at a high percent, hit them with a down air, land, and the hit them with a back air

  • 2:06 wait, are they kissing??

  • What happened to this series?

  • So see Piranah plant has alot of spikes, most of em or in his mouth.