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How to remove excel password for Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365

Try to remove Excel password for Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 using online service Password-Find if this method doesn’t work for you –
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  • You just saved me a ton of manual labor! I took over some file maintenance from a former employee — but they took the passwords with them! Thanks so much for this video!!

  • Very nice trick. Thank you

  • this is soo cool! thank you

  • Nice video

  • did not work

  • AMAZING! Thank you.

  • When I changed the extension it became zip file, but when I tried to open it its shows that no archive found.

  • Worked great for me too. Office Pro Plus 2019. 21 sheets, only sheet 1 was protected.
    Thank you!

  • Great. Thanks. Nice and clear

  • Superb Worked like charm.

  • Thank you for sharing video. very helpful. It works in Excel 2016.

  • It shows the diagnostic error that no archive file is found

  • Awesome it worked. Thank you Bro

  • sir mene exsel sheet m password(save as me tools pr jake ) lgaya hai .use kese remove kro pls help me

  • Works perfect, but you must take a good look where to stop when delete the "< string > if you remove rule to much the file is corrupted and you have to do it again. always make a copy when you try it.
    remove everything AFTER sheetdata> and stop removing AFTER scenarios and befor <pagemargins the word pagemargins is also viewed a few words later so i think you have made the same mistake i did, i take of to much and the file was corrupt. Try it again, it realy works.

  • when i extract, there is no xml file

  • Didn't work for me. I tried a few times. When i try to unzip it tell me the file is invalid.

  • Excellent

  • Worked like a charm! thanks!

  • Unprotect file not worksheets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • it is working Excel 2016.  Everything between "sheetData>       and       <pageMargins" must be removed.

  • Worked like a charm thanks bro!

  • It worked for me. I am using MSO 2016 (16.0.10325.20082) 32 bit. I have followed AS IS shown in the video and it worked. Thank you. It saved me of redoing my work. I have used RAR to unzip it and used Win10 OS built in Compressor to zip the file.

  • i tried in 2016, but when extrat, shows only: [6]DataSpaces (folder), EncryptedPackage, EncryptionInfo …. any suggestion?

  • Super Bro..!!! Thumbs Up…!!!!
    Great work done.. Thanks..

  • Did not work for me in Excel 2016

  • Sure did work in MS 2016. Jus' did it! I have to say the worksheet was not created in 2016, although the file was .xlsx

  • Its work…..thanks.

  • Hello when I extract I get three file
    1. Folder( [6]DataSpaces )
    2. EncryptedPackage
    3. EncryptionInfo

    inside the folder 1
    1.1 Folder ( DataSpaceInfo )
    1.2 Folder ( TransformInfo )
    1.3 DataSpaceMap
    1.4 Version

    inside folder 1.1
    1.1.1 StrongEncryptionDataSpace

    inside folder 1.2
    1.2.1 Folder ( StrongEncryptionTransform )

    inside folder 1.2.1 [6]Primary

    this is what i get after extracting the zip file what do you advice, Winrar was failing therefore i downloaded 7zip 9.20.
    thanks in advance

  • Thanks bro..
    Great help

  • 😎 bro thanks 🙏

  • M.T MM.T M

    Author Reply

    Hi, Thanks for the video? Its not working for me. when I extract, I dont get the files in the folder as per this video at 02:06

  • It's not working for me. I am getting this message when i try to unzip the file using WinRar…….C:USERSLOCAL The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.
    What now??

  • you are legend !

  • When I changed the extension it became zip file, but when I tried to open it its shows that the file is corrupted.

  • i change the extension to zip, but it didnt change anything, as soon as i click the file. it will still open in excel

  • Is there any free way to remove opening password? I mean, that password that is requested when I open the file?

  • super itswork big thanks

  • In Excel 2016 doesn't work.

  • Hi, nice work bro.
    Do you know if this method works on more complex files that include Macros and password on "VBAProject " on MVisual Basic application? Thanks and regards.

  • Nice trick, but it works with windows 10 ? because when i add the extention .zip it didn't convert into zip file. How can I fix that?