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How To Rent And Ride A Motorbike in Vietnam (Quick Start Guide)

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  • I for rent motorbikes in Nha Trang
    Call me when you come need motorbike scooter
    ☎️0358385255 (zalo/Facebook)

  • Seems less chaotic than Indian roads to be honest

  • really without license—- the police stop you and banggg…ready to empty your pocket

  • Any issues with theft if you do a long term rental?

  • Riding a motorbike in SE Asia is a lot different than in the US, Australia, Europe etc. The traffic is quite complex and practically speaking rules of the road are non-existent. The police will find any excuse to pull you over and solicit a bribe. As a foreigner, regardless of your license or insurance status, if you are in an accident you are automatically at fault and the effected parties will try to extract money out of you. If you seriously injure or kill someone, even if its not your fault, expect to be held by the police and not allowed to leave the country until the situation is settled. Accidents are quite common in Vietnam. That being said, you can reduce your odds of having an accident by not driving like a complete asshole. Drive at a moderate pace, stay to the right (or left depending on which SE Asian country) and be cautious. Finally, expect that someone can cut you off at any minute and be aware. Good luck.

  • I always say, it's everyone's right of way and it's no one's right of way!

  • Do you need to have motorbike license or a car driving license to rent for a scooter

  • Im from india.not to brag or anything but I think i can ride like the locals. 😎😎

  • Hello good video. I heard you’re meant to have a Vietnamese driving permit to ride bikes that are over 50cc. I know it’s something most tourists don’t do but in the event of injury/accident your travel insurance company might refuse to pay out if you’re riding illegally.

  • I can’t find any $40/month place. Where is it?

  • how do you order food if you dont speak Vietnamese?

  • 3:52 she likes you

  • Are you not worried that someone will steal your camera while shooting?

  • yes americans. It's called a scooter.

  • Hey Alex will you do a video about having tattoos and teaching? I have a full sleeve on my right arm, will that hurt my chances of teaching?

  • Hello I'm 18 and in college , I have a question about teaching in Korea. I've been to Korea and loved it. I actually really want to go back and teach there. I have the big passion for it amd money shouldnt be a factor but I really don't want to be poor if I do go there and teach (public school prefer). My question is Does the teachers in S.K make a good amount of money. I apologize for the question not being video related.

  • Good vibes from Thailand!

  • Great vid again Alex.. You have maybe touched upon this on other Vlogs (if so, i'll try and search back a little more extensively!) though It seems to be the norm in Saigon for Hotel's to keep your passport? I didn't experience this in Hanoi. Also, when renting a motorbike, do they require your passport, or, a copy? Cheers!

  • lots missing here. how about what to check when hiring a bike? how should brakes feel? the streets are not quiet where you are! what about the police stopping people, the costs of an accident being up to 85000 USD if you are at fault with no license? your driving advice isn't too sound either for anywhere outside d1. I think you should expand and do a second video about getting a license. something very important I feel if you are here working g for a long time.

  • So happy you made this video

  • will you ever talk about teaching English in Latin America or Europe or the middle east

  • Hi Alex! I've been watching your videos for quite some time now, i really like them! May I ask what camera and editing programm you are using?