How To Setup A POWER PLANT! – Oxygen Not Included FULL RELEASE GUIDE Ep 23

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ONI tips and gameplay in a tutorial style ‘let’s play’ series.
How to manage food, morale, stress, decor, liquids, gases, power, disease and temperature … amongst other things!

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  • When does he actually start making it?

  • 25:34 who else is laughing at the most useless airlock door in the world after building those pipes lolol. Not bashing the build because I understand the necessity of what you did but still funny to just look at that airlock.

  • We don't hate you bro, the internet is just troll

  • Skye you have to put a gas bridge in that intersection. Until than it will want to flow upward, to the bridge on the left, I think.

  • You could enable the tune-up station only when the atmo-sensor in the natural gas geyser is enabled (or maybe an element sensor with a filter gate that detects when the natural gas has backed up all the way into your gas reservoirs)

  • you must be arrested for using days instead of cycles (16:42)

  • Build gas storage with 3 door and automation so you can pressurise the gases almost infinitely. Make them closing one after another. Should work.

  • the powergen needs to be sumberged in hydrogen, and 3 weezes will keep everythign freezing cold, running full time (±7kw) now they are in co2 with a low spec heat cap and conduct
    the gas wants to go to an entrance, the one for the grill is what is making it go that way

  • SKYE pipes need direction.. so experienced players give pipes routes using bridges.. using bridges to prioritise where gas or liquid flows. in your base your just letting the gas flow in pipes in long distances.. game will then calculate send all gas to this place and move extra gas from this place to this place in your current build..

    i.e your gas from the top meets the gas from the bottom before it gets to the storage… the gas from the top has two directions to go to.. the gas cooker or to go to the storage.. however because the gas from the bottom can also take this same route.. you have pipes blocked in the section between your gas cooker and your storage.. because the gas does not know whether to move up or to move down.. simply place a gas bridge in this section pointing down and the gas from below will only try to go to storage and gas from top can keep doing what it was doing before..

    also just on your power plant..

    if you want hydrogen generators to be priority burn.. they would of been more suited to have the power plant buff.. the power plant buff lasts for 3 cycles.. if your automating your gas generators off.. because your hydrogen and coal produces enough power.. then your wasting material.. because the power plant buff never turns off.. so if the NG generators turn off for 3 cycles.. your dupes will still buff them and you will have wasted your material.

    on another note.. your method for storing your natural gas generators is less efficient.. you are much better off creating compressing rooms.. these take less room, resources and less power.. your pumps will only transmit full blocks of natural gas.. where as your current build changes the amounts it pumps..

  • Next Ep Carbon scrubber and for the next EP after that. A farm

  • How about a power plant with steam turbine right next to the iron volcano. So you can use heat from the volcano to heat the steam turbine, while cooling the iron at the same time, then the iron can be used in the power plant. Free energy for your base (well as long as the volcano is active)

  • GGoofGGoof

    Author Reply

    When are you finally going to setup that EXO suit thing you been teasing us with for over 10 episodes lol ?

  • Anyone else concerned about the growing layer of CO2 and Chlorine?

  • You could put some crown molding above your natural gas generators and improve the decor in the room.

  • I mean there is minimal Need for it, but a liquid Natural Gas tank would be super cooooool

  • What ever goes Skye, I say notzings m8

  • You need to use a bridge to join different pipes together, that's the only way to get the gasses to merge – otherwise the behavior is very, very inconsistent. This is also important to do for pathfinding and will improve performance of your base.

  • yeah, i dont like powerplants. Never used them, purely because of that massive install period. It takes almost an entire damn day to install a couple chips. Thats a LOT of time you are down a dupe.

  • Why not put lights near generator on powerplant? It makes dups operante faster! I like you!! But efficiency first!

  • Chlorine is the worst gas for transfering heat, carbon dioxide is not much better so your wheeze wart will struggle to have an effect. Hypertheticly If the generator and the wheeze wart were in hydrogen gas and and you slapped in a temp shift plate or two, one wheeze wart is more than enough if the natural gas is 40° or lower. Probably better to use wheeze warts some where else in hydrogen or oxygen and use pipes like a radiator around them if your going to get the best mileage out of them.

  • Perhaps take a page out of Frank Burns' book… Deconstruct your entire base, and move it over 2 tiles…

  • It’s pronounced (guy-ser) not (ge-ser)

  • If you had the power generators laid horizontally instead of vertically by type it would be much tidier! Also you could latter install another power plant thingy on the hydrogen floor in a symmetrical way…

  • Great videos skye loving this game it is an awesome game . I want to find the top of the astroid

  • Skye are you going to try out the other planets.
    Just wondering if you will put out a difficult planet like the red and blue looking stone planet.

    its not just because I want to see how many dupes dies, definitely not ;D

  • I liked it better before Skye, don’t listen to the comments any more lol 😂
    After my comment that is haha.

  • always a joy skye

  • alexalex

    Author Reply


  • at 32:29 Is the air pressure higher on the new vent? Noob, just a idea.

  • I have noticed that you need to use bridges to determine direction of flow for the gas and liquid pipes now and then, even if it looks right. There are two exploits for containing gas. One is build a room with a vent which has water slightly covering it or use mechanical airlocks as a compressor, this will allow more gas in a smaller area.

  • I only really use microchips on my oil plants usually. A 1 kW upgrade is totally worth it.

  • Yes, like everyone else is saying use bridges to direct the flow of gases and liquids. It is extremely helpful to know how the priorities work with the pipes also. For example when the gas/liquid comes to an input inline with the pipe it will always go to that input first and not go past it till no more gas/liquid can go that way. If you have an outputs inline with a pipe, the gas/liquid will not be able to feed into that line until there is room in the pipe for more gas/liquid. There are some quirks to this but that is the main idea. Here are some examples of what I am talking about. If you have two gas pumps and just run a pipe straight through the outputs of them the output of the second pump will not output any gas till the pipe is empty. Now if you have the same setup but stop the pipe just before the second pump and bridge over the output of the second pump to connect the two pipes, it will combine the two pumps outputs of 500 each into 1K packets. That is if they are the same gas in the pipe. If there is a second gas added into the first pump it will stop the flow and have to wait till there is room. A second example of using priorities is making a radiator that heats up water to a certain temp. You can have a closed circle of pipe and snip out one part of the pipe to insert a bridge. If there is liquid in that pipe if will just circle it forever. If there is not any liquid already in the pipe you can fill it with a feed line with a bridge. The output of the feed line's bridge needs to go after the output of the bridge that sets the direction of the loop. That will feed the liquid in until the pipe is full and because what is in the pipe has priority over the output of the feed line's bridge, no more liquid will come in till there is room. For the emptying of the loop, put the input part of a shutoff inline with the pipe just before the input of the loop's bridge. Then put a temp sensor just before that. You can set the sensor for the max temp you want the liquid to get. So now when the temp sensor activates the shutoff it will empty out the liquid. It empties because the input of the shutoff is inline with the pipe and nothing will pass it till it can't go out through the shutoff any more.

  • Woot!

  • 31:08 the gas is going up at that point to supply another bridge further up(gas cooker), if you put a bridge pointing down at the problem pipe encouraging it to go down it will fix it


  • Hey Skye in case you didn't read they changed how heavy conductive wire works in the last patch. It now runs 50KW instead of 20 so now you can have real power and better decor. Also unless your really strapped for power and need the bonus the power plant in usually not worth it in the long run. But it does add prestige and fanciness 😛

  • It looks like you may have a buried Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier under your Power Plant that is beautifully placed to cool it.

  • a light above the gen makes him do it faster

  • It doesn't pump the gas because of the way you join the two gaspips just before the storage. I had the same problem. Use two pips to go into the storage and you will be golden. And PS please stop saying awesome sauce. 🐵

  • I think, if people are like me when they ask questions like 'why not a power plant. they don't necessarily mean for you to rebuild everything, they just literally don't understand why you didn't make it a power plant. Certainly, until just now, I had no idea why you didn't make it a power plant. I just saw it in the list of rooms, and assumed that making all my power generation inside a power plant 'room' was a good idea. It wasn't until this video just now that I questioned it

  • hey skye love your vids. theres some kind off bug on the gas and liquid pipes, just put a brige whit the out or green part in the intersection, and as i said last vid try to make a door compressor instead of gas reservoir, it will leave you whit allot of space for other things. keep the good work

  • Wait is it geezer or geyser (gizar)?

  • What are you talking about, we love you and your creations

  • If you move the doors on the left of the natural gas generators to be in line with the door above, it could possibly unclutter and squarify the look of your new power plant setup.

  • Skye you also have a saltwater geyser

  • MOAR!!

  • Since you are pumping from two separate directions (the top geyser and the bottom geyser) to a pipe also using two outputs (the bridge before the natural gas cooker and the input to the tank) available, the mechanics get confused. If you use a bridge to come out of the natural gas cooker T-intersect, that may fix the problem. You will also guarantee NG from the top geyser will first fill the cooker. Other option is to pump all the gas into the tanks, with the output of the tanks going to your desired loads (this way it looks like it is coming from only one source).