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I want to go HOME | r/CouldHaveGoneBetter [#1]

Thank you everybody for watching today’s video – I do hope you enjoyed today’s episode of – I dare you to GO HOME | r/CouldHaveGoneBetter [#1]

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  • KirboKirbo

    Author Reply

    Bad days: exists

    Wonderstruck: we don’t do that here

  • I got my first tattoo a few years ago now. It was of an albatross as I'm a big fan of the rime of the ancient mariner, where the whole "to have an albatross around one's neck" began. It basically represents a burden. Also it's a pretty banger song from Iron Maiden :p

  • The dumbest thing I ever got in trouble for was walking around a puddle of water on the sidewalk

  • I can relate to some of these even though I've never been in those situations

  • Is this god saying 2020 might get better? (Don’t quote me on that)

  • In first grade, I got in trouble for coloring… so we were coloring in people and I had the basic 8 Crayola Crayon pack. Generally, people back then weren't bright orange, so I figured that if I didn't press hard, it would look more like an actual skin tone. Surprise! It kind of worked. So, the teacher walks by and starts flipping out wondering where on earth I could have obtained a PEACH crayon. Threatened to send me to the principal and everything.

  • The dumbest thing I got in trouble for at school was in kindergarten. My teacher yelled at me for a kid who looked like me doing jumping jacks in line after recess.

  • 12:55 Damn, is that some kind of industrial toaster? It's enormous, even for a 4-piece toaster.

  • get a tattoo that says tattoo

  • I would love to see you do some more wholesome subreddits, like r/blessedimages or something

  • The stupidest thing I got in trouble for in school was when I was being bullied and the kid threw my eraser across the room and when I went to get it I was given detention for disrupting class. The one and only time I had ever had detention.

  • Thanks for another vid, I'll consider it a bday gift hehe ^^

  • In school the teacher told me to wait outside and that she would tell me off later, she forgot about me and then i got detention for disrespecting her after another teacher asked what i was doing and she looked at me like oh shit and then just said that id been out there for ages and she didnt notice me

  • JayJay

    Author Reply

    06:03 In The Netherlands we literally don't have any stray dogs and sometimes I forget that other countries are so far behind us or that stray dogs still exist in the developed world. Sad.

  • Yet another amazing video. We need a Wonderstruck appreciation day.

  • To anyone who reads this
    You matter
    I hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic day/night!

    This is a threat

  • Kinda ashamed to ask but
    What's drywall???

  • For anyone wondering, World's Best Cat is World's Best Cat Litter.

  • Get a tophat

  • Get the neutered symbol tattooed

  • In 3rd grade, I kept a pile of eraser shavings in the pencil tray of my desk. I filled the tray about halfway before my teacher found out, and I didn't have recess because I was "risking the health of the other kids".
    Because of eraser shavings.

  • Funny about tattoos, I have an appointment on the 29th of this month.

  • Well the Dummest shit I got in trouble for is breaking pencils in half cuz we were just sugar rushed little devils that just watched wwe wrestling and acting it out with our hands

  • 7:10 That's a pretty damn strong phone charger.

  • Best way to relax after a tacobell 9 hour shift

  • I got dopamine, when people ask I tell them it helps me concentrate

  • For the plagiarism one, I believe it is technically “plagiarism” if you use your own work without citing it as your own work. I don’t remember the process when you are citing your own work, but I guess I understand why they tried to get the person in trouble because she didn’t cite it properly?

  • 8:46 I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

  • u w uu w u

    Author Reply

    yo you still talk to the dude from senior year? because-

  • Imma bet I've gotten in trouble for the most stupid thing. And got into way too much trouble for it. I got sent home, over tapping an eraser, not once, not twice, but for about half a fucking year, and you may say that I should have learned to knock it off, but I had an IEP that the principal pretended not to know about and got held at the same level of maturity as a highschooler, when I was in the fifth grade, and had specifical needs. Fucking hated that principal.

  • Dumbest thing i got in trouble for at school was getting the answer correct in math. The multi grades math teacher called me up despite my obvious panic to answer the question on the board and i tried doing it as fast as possible because I was a severely anxious freshmen. I got it correct and tried rushing back to my seat but he decided since it was a little wobbly that it was okay to bully me for it. He mocked me and made me feel like shit for it despite it being the god damn right answer. And "best of all" he made the whole class get in on it and refused to let anyone call me by my actual name for that whole year to punish me for writing it kinda wobbly looking. Its thanks to him almost no one knew my name until god damn junior year and only called me that number. I hate the number 9 now thanks to his weird punishment. He was a creepy asshole

  • I have one tattoo
    It's a dragon
    and if I get another, it will also be dragon themed
    My third (assuming I get one) might be the Mark of the Slayer from DOOM

  • Dumbest thing I got scolded for in school: I did an internship… of my choosing… and my reasoning was: "I thought it'd be interesting."
    I had to sit there for the good part of 10 minutes or so listening to my teacher judging my choice to internship at a garage because I thought it'd be kinda interesting.
    I now do Chem anyways because I liked that better but I still thought it was an interesting experience.

  • I got in trouble for sharpening my pencil to many times and they told my parents… THOSE MOTHERFU-

  • You are an amazing person, I really love your content.

  • Super happy to see another video from my fav YouTuber!!!! 😍
    My bday is on August 5th and its looking like no party for me 😢

  • One time I was sitting in class and then my mom called me during a test. I got a week long in school suspension for having my phone go off during class. Oh yeah and the reson my mom called me? My cat died.

  • So I don't remember getting in trouble for something silly, but I do remember in first grade we were taking a spelling test and I didn't hear one of the words. My child self had a big brain moment and I looked at the paper of the girl next to me to see what the word was but once I did that I realized that's like cheating. I ended up feeling so bad that after when we had recess I stayed back crying and confessed my sins to the teacher, thinking I would be neutralized on the spot. The teacher just kinda laughed it off and said to just ask her next time to repeat the word. Stay true and honest in ur life and that goodness you put out will come back to you.

    Also a cute bear tattoo with the same face as ur mask would be iconic. Can't wait to see what u get.