Insane Prices For Collectors Cards – Yu-Gi-Oh! Market Watch July 5, 2020

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Were going to be looking at some rather interesting prices! Legendary Duelist Set 1 is bringing down the market very quickly! Don’t forget to see whats happening on the OCG side of market as well! What do you think about todays market?

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  • C. F.C. F.

    Author Reply

    It would be great if konami had a certified website for prices that would apply for every country. That has been a major issue regarding the game.


    Author Reply

    Whats the long term value for these crystal bond reprints ?

  • 8:10 Those low Girsu prices were tempting. But those vendors…

  • Eria was my very first Yugioh Card…I got a deck about the charmers…Time for Sealed only Charmer.

  • You cant use of ocg cards in the tcg robbie. Only German french spanish and italian

  • I don’t understand. Why are you allowed to use that utopia but not other cards?

  • Im just waiting on Dragun of Red-Eyes. Ima get 2 copies one for my dark magicians and one for my red eyes deck. Hope the prices are affordable

  • That evenly matched altered art is nice…. #teamsuperman lol

  • I really don’t understand why people keep thinking that superman can beat goku!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish we got enhancement packs with our structure decks like the ocg

  • OCG secrets always look better than ours, it's crazy to see some of their prices, but that Utopia looks nice, not going to lie

  • That evenly matched is lit af

  • Robbie wheres bandit kief from? They never made that clear in the anime.

  • Man you are optimistic about the rest of this year l0l

  • Yes I am the guy whomst bought all the Ulti unlimited Thot ruler

  • I got a red eyes deck coming in for $45 that has a lot of potential but i really wanted another character build since i have a relinquished deck on the way too. We need casual tournaments where pll dont pay $400 for 3 cards to auto win going second.

  • I enjoy watching your market watch videos Robbie! I like how real you share your opinion on certain cards with no bs.

  • Technically, the ra is a holographic rare and it is not the first. That honor goes to Chaos Ruler the Chaotic Demonic Dragon – the first ever non cover card feature in the main booster set to ever get that rarity in the Ocg. Also, the fact that 2020 is Yugioh's new milestone, some holos got upgraded or revamped. Hence, the absence of all the Ghost rare features.

  • Goku clearly destroys superman

  • So if she had kept it in the borders it would have been legal. Also did DC and Shueisha sign off on this

  • Loved the evenly matched super cool

  • this is great

  • Aye wuey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey this game is affordable again! Oh wait…

  • The price for holo Ra was high. Most stores are selling them for about $70. Big Magic tends to be high for popular collector's cards and good competitive cards.

  • According to Death Battle Goku is no match for Superman 😛 KAPPA

  • Keep the good job

  • Good thing I bought my copy of the D/D/D manga promo along with the manga from Barnes and Noble

  • Wow

  • I thought we weren’t allowed to use ocg cards even with a translation? Was I told the wrong thing by a judge?

  • There's been buyouts on meluseek and OTS pack personal spoofing